2013 Virtual Conference

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The virtual conference featured six of the most successful sessions of SLA 2013 in San Diego.  Purchase the recording of this two-day event now!

Topics include best practices in competitive intelligence, strategies for enabling decision-making in your organization, ninja skills for librarians, and more.

The SLA 2013 Virtual Conference was designed to offer every information professional actionable examples to help you invigorate leadership roles and put hard skills to put to work right away. Whether you were at the 2013 Annual Conference in June and couldn’t make it to every session you would’ve liked to, or couldn’t attend in person this year, the virtual conference recording offers a convenient solution for you.

Access the full 2-Day conference (6 sessions) for $49 members / $79 non-members.
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A Profession in Transformation; Including the Five Habits of Highly Effective Information Professionals

Discover how to increase the value you deliver to your organization, based on exclusive insights from over 850 information professionals and senior executives worldwide. The Financial Times/SLA report will provide practical guidance to help you focus your efforts on the areas that add most value to your organization, to strengthen your role as a critical business asset.  Find out what senior executives have identified as the greatest challenges regarding information management; whether your priorities are aligned with the service aspects that matter most to the internal clients within your industry; and how to adopt the habits of highly effective information professionals to become a best practice performer.


lord75x75Simon Lord
Head of B2B Marketing, Financial Times

Contributed Papers: (1) An Ethnographic Approach to the Knowledge Audit / (2) Outgoogling Google

An Ethnographic Approach to the Knowledge Audit:

You have probably heard of an information audit, and perhaps even a knowledge audit.  Our speaker will share with participants his method of participant observation to conduct a successful knowledge audit, then describe how he used the results to develop a more thorough understanding of individual, departmental, and organizational practices.

Outgoogling Google:

Learn about how the National Library of Scotland is focusing on the library’s role as enabler by implementing a Google-type interface to deliver content.  Information seekers can now search across multi-format library collections using a single search box.  The result?  An easy, seamless search experience for users.


coll75x75pxJohn Coll
Head of Access, National Library of Scotland
cook75x75pxWilliam Cook
Knowledge Execution Lead, CIGNA

Go Beyond Google: Gathering Competitive Intelligence

Organizations today leave a “digital exhaust” that can be seen across the Internet.  While large publicly traded organizations leave a prominent exhaust pattern, small and medium-sized businesses also leave a large smoke trail that can be followed to its source. You can leverage this intelligence to improve account profiling, track the movements of competitors across an industry and across accounts, and  get an overall view of the competitive landscape.  The speaker will illustrate a variety of methods you can use to better collect and analyze open source intelligence from the Web.


campbell75x75pxSean Campbell
Co-owner, Cascade Insights

Just Say No to Aimlessness! Strategic Leveraging of Social Media Content

The goal of any successful social media initiative for a public or private organization is to create useful output that benefits the organization and the contributors using these platforms. Learn how to assemble attractive and fun social media environments that stimulate strong participation, effective knowledge sharing, and customer feedback that can finally bridge the communication gap between the organization and its clients or customers.


salonen75x75pxEthel Salonen
Department Head, Information Services, MITRE
yanek75x75pxCheryl Yanek
Senior Associate Librarian, Catalyst, Inc.

Ninja Skills for Librarians

Did you know there are ninjas among us? You could be one too! Our presenters Jennifer Doyle (black belt in Taekwondo) and Jill Strand (black belt in Kung Fu) will speak about how they have applied their martial arts background to librarianship. In martial arts, students are taught respect, discipline, balance, self-awareness, and conflict management. In this session, Jill and Jennifer will use real-world examples to teach you how to face common librarian challenges such as stress, negotiation, and conflict resolution with balance and control.  This informative and fun session will include a few easy self-defense moves and tips for your personal safety (and sanity).


doyle75x75pxJennifer Doyle
Law Library Manager, Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi LLP
strand75x75pxJill Strand
Director, Knowledge Resources, Maslon Edleman Borman & Brand LLP

Practitioner Picks: Best CI Techniques in Legal, Science and Finance

Competitive intelligence practitioners from three industries will share the top tools and techniques they use to gather and analyze information or report intelligence to their clients. Learn how unique approaches suit different industries, whether they are advanced methods, case studies or best practices.


heron75x75pxAnne Herron
Vice President, Allis Information Management
Ilg75x75pxAlex Ilg
Vice President, Morgan Stanley
jackson75x75pxJohn Jackson
Business Research Librarian, Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP

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