• Your Name was amazing. Well done to @shinkaimakoto & the staff at Comix Wave for all their hard work. I loved it! <3 #SLA2016
  • Redline will never stop being good. That movie always puts a smile on my face. Vrrrroooommmm! #SLA2016
  • It really is... #SLA2016 https://t.co/1yAjhLcGmt
  • Best film at the best film festival. Massive grin on my face #SLA2016 https://t.co/azwtlTYmvk
  • Damn. Your Name was incredible. Moved to tears. It has beaten A silent voice, but only due to the incredible production values #SLA2016
  • Enjoy "Your Name" everybody at #SLA2016! Afterwards, hit me up to join me on #NekoDesu if you want!
  • Momotaro was definitely a thing #SLA2016
  • Kizumonogatari was really great btw. Funnier & more violent than expected, but cannot wait for part 3 #SLA2016
  • @ukanime Have fun with watching Silent Voice ! #sla2016
  • A Silent Voice was...very good. So intense though. Emotionally drained right now. Hence why I'm in the cinema bar with a pint #SLA2016
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