• @lovesanimation Hey guys, is the time for Girls und Panzer changing? I've noticed it's now TBC on the website. #SLA2016
  • How Text Messaging is Changing the Customer Experience https://t.co/SE2FLwgkQ5 #SCIP #SLA2016 https://t.co/tbVMnHGAEq
  • Customer Churn: How To Reduce Churn Rate In Retail https://t.co/HWsiXKbzRc #SCIP #SLA2016 https://t.co/O228tKDdP4
  • RT @craigfleisher: @halkirkwood poster on CI & Intl Biz courses shows innovative, contemporary content & approach at Purdue U. #SLA2016 htt…
  • Customer loyalty: the (changing) reality of loyalty beyond retention https://t.co/77HYe4pIiP #SCIP #SLA2016 https://t.co/VmPW5i4QAU
  • @joeyanne oh I do want to see that as I've heard great things about your #sla2016 LMD presentation. Will keep an eye out for it.
  • @KatefromUK You’ve also reminded me I still haven’t blogged my leadership journey (based on my presentation at #SLA2016)
  • What consumerization and BYOD can teach the digital business https://t.co/GudheNqZmo #CustExp #SLA2016 https://t.co/d9JJQtbwrA
  • Information management and intelligence executive guide https://t.co/IefpmstCIi #CustServ #SLA2016 https://t.co/VBAhpzsVDq
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