Get Your Employer’s OK to Attend SLA 2017

You know why you need to attend SLA 2017, but does your employer? If not, use the letter below to help make your case. Simply copy and paste the text or download the electronic file, tailor it to your specific needs, and send it to your boss.


Dear [Employer],

As you know, in today’s information- and innovation-intensive world, we have to be able to continually redefine ourselves to meet the challenges we face. That’s why I need your approval to attend the Special Libraries Association’s 2017 Annual Conference in Phoenix this June.

SLA 2017 is the one conference that I consider absolutely essential to my professional success. My job as an information professional is to ensure that everyone here at [organization] has the information, insights, and knowledge to make good decisions and help us gain a competitive advantage. SLA 2017 will help me do my job better by exposing me to new ideas and best practices, introducing me to industry experts, and expanding my professional horizons.

Although SLA 2017 lasts less than a week, it offers more than 100 educational sessions and workshops that explore the latest trends in gathering, organizing, analyzing, and sharing information and knowledge.

I am confident that during that time (June 16-20) in Phoenix, I’ll learn enough to make a lasting difference for our organization. And I’ll gain hands-on knowledge of new information products and services, because SLA 2017’s INFO-EXPO is also the largest information and knowledge management exposition in North America.

Best of all, SLA 2017 is a great value. Registration and hotel fees are MUCH lower than those for most conferences of this caliber, and the conference’s format packs a lot of punch into a small package.

If you give me the go-ahead—and I sincerely hope you will—you can expect me to return from Phoenix with plenty of new ideas and insights I can put to work right away. Please let me know if you would like additional information, or visit SLA’s website at for details.


[Your Name]
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