Connecting People: Read the Latest Information Outlook

Big data. The Internet of things. Smartphones. Tablets. Apps. Social media. BYOD. Cloud computing. Gamification. MOOCs.

Today’s global knowledge economy prizes information and especially tools that can find, use and share it in new ways. In this economy, barriers to accessing information are seen as relics of the past—and librarians, unfortunately, are often considered barriers. They may argue (rightly) that they can find better information and find it more quickly, but these claims increasingly fall on earbud-filled ears. Information has escaped the confines of the library, and not even the most technologically savvy information professional can hope to capture it and bring it back.

Thoughtful librarians and information professionals, however, understand that their value lies not in delivering information but in connecting people. Connecting hiring managers with job seekers. Connecting students with their academic programs. Connecting doctors and nurses with their patients. Delivering information is the means to the end; connecting people is the ultimate goal.

The January-February issue of Information Outlook is a testament to this principle. From Kate Arnold’s opening call for SLA members to go “Beyond Borders” to Debbie Schachter’s closing advice to provide workers with the support they need to be successful, the message of the January-February issue is clear—the information profession is, at heart, much more about people than about information.

Read the January-February issue of Information Outlook today.

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