U.S. Copyright: What You Need to Know

5 February 2014 – You may have seen Certificate in Copyright Management instructor Lesley Ellen Harris’ recent post on managing copyright.  Now, it’s time to focus on U.S. copyright.

CCM200 U.S. Copyright Law Principles, the next online copyright course offered by SLA, begins online Thursday, February 13.

Take this course, and learn about infringement, the composition of the U.S. copyright law, duration of protection, ownership, rights, and much more.

And, coming soon on demand:  CCM100 Introduction to Copyright Management: Principles and Issues and CCM300 Global Copyright Law Principles.  These courses are offered over one calendar month (March, April, May), and are completed on your time (no live sessions).

Are you an SLA member?  Take a look at options for discounts.

Questions?  Contact Carolyn Sosnowski, SLA’s director of education and information services, at csosnowski@sla.org.


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