An SLA Caucus is an informal group within the association intended to serve as a focus for the interaction of members who share a common interest not covered by any association chapter, division, or committee.

Past President Kate Arnold is the 2015 SLA Board of directors liaison for all caucuses.

Archival and Preservation Caucus Embedded Librarians
(Web site in development)
Natural History Caucus
Association Information Services Caucus Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Issues Encore (Retired Members)
Baseball Caucus International Information Exchange Caucus  User Experience Caucus
Data Caucus Information Futurists Caucus  World Football Caucus


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  • This is thought to be a necessary step in the scientific publication process, ensuring accuracy, and integrity
  • There is often strength in the sharing of resources, whether they are solid (equipment and money) or soft items -
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