The Joint Governance and Bylaws Committee

Three Association members appointed for overlapping terms of three years each. Member ending his/her second year may be considered by the SLA President-Elect for position of Chair.

The Committee shall:

    1. ensure that the Association have a body of rules that facilitates its overall governance and conforms to legal standards;
    2. study the Bylaws and propose amendments in accordance with Article XIX of the Bylaws;
    3. consider and formulate recommendations to the Board of Directors on Bylaws proposals made by Association members;
    4. following any amendment of Association Bylaws, review the model governing document of Association units and recommend global changes to Division/Chapter Cabinets for action; and
    5. annually, at the beginning of the governance year, request review by Boards of all Association units of their Governing Document to ensure conformity with model governing document. In the event that amendment by any unit is desired, direct Board of that unit to submit amended Governing Document to Bylaws Committee for review and approval prior to membership vote.
    6. codify those actions and instructions of the Board pertinent to Association Committees, both specifically and generally;
    7. manage the preparation or revision of Association Committee/Advisory Council definitions and/or charges on a regular basis;
    8. conduct other studies and make recommendations to the Board to promote the effective and efficient operation of Association Committees.

The Chief Financial Officer is an ex-officio member of the Committee and the Association contact. The committee definition revised June 2007 — Board Document A07-28.

Committee Members

Maggie Hlava (Chair, 2017-2019)
James Tchobanoff (2017)
Martha Foote (2017-2018)
Michael Moore (2017)
Lisa Ross (2017-2019)
Barbara Spiegelman (2017-2018)
Karen Reczek (2017-2019)
Heather Kotula (2017-2018)
Tony Landolt (2017)

Board Liaison
Roberto Sarmiento
Staff Committee Member
Amy Burke


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