Emergency Preparedness & Recovery Advisory Council

The Emergency Preparedness & Recovery Advisory Council (EPRAC) consists of seven members appointed for overlapping terms of two years each. The Advisory Council shall:

  1. Investigate and establish ways in which the global community of information professionals can use the skills, competencies, and resources of librarians and information professionals to help organizations, governments, and individuals recover from the effects of natural disasters and other emergencies.
  2. Focus on voluntary contributions of time and resources rather than direct financial donations.
  3. Develop alliances between SLA and other library and information organizations to make the best use of the knowledge and skills of the informal, international network of information professionals.
  4. Utilize the resulting methodology as a model for providing assistance in future instances of natural disasters.
  5. Maintain the Information Professionals Alliance on Natural Disasters and Accidents (IPANDA) response network.

EPRAC Activities and Initiatives

Emergency Preparedness Resources


Council Members
Christine M. Gomula Mullin (2017-2018)
Elise Anderson (2017-2018)
Tahirih Fusscas (2016-2017)
Chrissy Geluk (2016-2017)
John Burlinson (2017-2018)
Olivia Glotfelty (2017-2018)
Joyce Fedeczko (2016-2017)
Board Liaison
Kevin Adams
Staff Council Member
Stuart Hales


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