Information Outlook Advisory Council

The Information Outlook Advisory Council (IOAC) consists of seven association members appointed for overlapping terms of two years each. IOAC members should represent a cross-section of work environments and geographic locations so they bring different career experiences to the council. IOAC members help the Information Outlook editor set editorial direction and determine editorial content; the editor is responsible for making final editorial decisions.

Council Charge
The advisory council shall:

  1. Collaborate with the Information Outlook editor to recommend general theme topics for upcoming or future issues;
  2. Recommend specific articles that fit within the themes to the Information Outlook editor;
  3. Suggest authors for articles; and
  4. Review article proposals and provide feedback to the Information Outlook editor.

Council members may, but are not required to, submit articles for publication.

Council Initiatives and Actions
The council meets annually at the SLA Annual Conference and by teleconference as needed to conduct its business. Recent council initiatives include the following:


2017 Chair
Kelly Johnson (2016-2017)
Council Members
Ali Birnbach (2017-2018)
Jamie Marie Keller-Aschenbach (2017-2018)
Jocelyn McNamara (2016-2017)
Vicky Platt (2017-2018)
Elizabeth Price (2017-2018)
Kate Vilches (2016-2017)
Board Liaison
Zena Applebaum
Staff Council Member
Stuart Hales


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