Students and New Professionals Advisory Council

Ten association members, one of whom is an SLA Student Member, and at least one, but not more than two, of whom has experience serving as an advisor to a recognized SLA Student Group and at least two, of whom are in the first five years of their professional career appointed for overlapping terms. The Student Member is appointed for a one-year term, with the remaining Association members serving overlapping terms of two years each.

The advisory council shall:

    1. advise the Chief Executive Officer on programs and other aspects pertaining to student members and graduates within the first five years of their career.
    2. develop learning and networking opportunities to attract and retain new information professionals.
    3. interface with SLA units and other SLA advisory councils and committees to consolidate information, mentoring opportunities, and educational opportunities for new information professionals. (Professional Development, Student Academic Affairs, Public Relations, etc.).
    4. identify emerging leaders in the profession.
    5. oversee the funding for the Early Career Awards which are monetary awards presented by chapters and divisions to provide financial support for conference attendance to those outside of North America.
    6. plan activities for the annual meeting;
    7. strengthen and expand student groups by working closely with faculty advisors and with faculty of appropriate graduate programs;
    8. work with the association staff to increase the number of student members who become full members of the association and the students who attend the annual meeting; cooperate with faculty in appropriate graduate programs related to information professional activities; communicate directly with student members to inform them of events, scholarships, awards, and activities related to their interests.
    9. develop content in social media forums to support and offer services to new information professionals.
2017 Co-Chairs
Jan Chindlund (2016-2017)
David Cappoli (2017-2018)
Council Members
Margaret Carroll (2016-2018)
Mea Warren (2016-2017)
Elizabeth Lieutenant (2016-2018)
Kendra Levine (2017-2019)
Raymond Pun (2017-2019)
Rachel Wilfahrt (2017-2019)
Joy Banks (2017-2019)
Kim Dority (2016-2018)
Student Member
John Kromer (2017)
Board Liaison
Ruth Kneale
Staff Council Member
Emily Moore Brown
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