How can SLA involve and reach out to members outside North America? — Juliane Schneider, Candidate for Div. Cab. Chair-Elect

Hi, this is Juliane Schneider, candidate for Division Cabinet Chair-Elect.

Reaching out to members outside North America is tough right off the bat because of the time difference.  It’s difficult to even get a North American conference call set up if you’ve got members on each coast!  However, that doesn’t mean we can’t try to make it happen as frequently and as easily as possible.  All hail flexibility and Doodle polls.

I think we need to continue to recognize the efforts and accomplishments of our international members at Annual conference and throughout the year.  Highlight successful collaborations between members from different countries, and if we hear of such collaborations, find ways to support what they’re doing through articles in chapter/division newsletters and through social media.  If we know of grants/funding opportunities that match their work, let them know!

Can we find a way to sell our institutions on supporting swaps/exchanges?  Are there funding institutions that support such activity?  I’d love to see an SLA member from, say, a bank in Delaware do an exchange with an SLA member from a bank in London or Switzerland and then give a presentation on Annual about what came of it.

Every year, the most successful and talked-about session the Academic Division has is the Academic Roundtable.  It’s simple: we come up with a number of topics, put signs with those topics on tables, and people who want to discuss that topic sit down and start talking.   It’s always crowded and the discussions are fantastic.  Can we have an International Roundtable?  As I said in my ‘meet the candidate’ session, the surest way to bond with someone is to share a problem.  Let’s share our problems!  Problems don’t have time zones!

And of course, at Leadership Summit or at Annual, find a member from another country, make friends and keep in touch throughout the year!

Wow, I got really exclamation-pointy in this post.  It’s Friday and I have had too much coffee.  Have a great weekend, everybody.  <—  see what I did there?  A humble period.

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