What info pros should be thinking about right now

Did you catch the Library 2.013 conference last week?

“The Global Transformation of Libraries, LIS Education, and LIS Professionals,” the opening keynote by San José State’s Dr. Sandra Hirsh, outlined some important topics for information professionals.

Dr. Hirsh highlighted trends, skills, and career paths we should be paying attention to.  I encourage you to review the recording and slides of this session (and others), but here are a few ideas to get you started thinking about how to reinvent your info services and boost your career:

  • Vital skills?  Knowledge of emerging trends and technologies, metadata, website development, digitization, database management, among many others.
  • Job titles and responsibilities?  Digital content management, project management, user experience design, social media management, data analytics.  (From the recently-released Placements & Salaries 2013 report from Library Journal.)
  • Key trends include the transformation of the global information environment with the introduction of new technologies, and changing boundaries between privacy and data protection (see the IFLA Trend Report for more information).
  • What’s important to patrons/clients in academic and special libraries?  E-books, wireless access, medical information, and technical information and training (see Libraries: At the Epicenter of the Digital Disruption).

What skills are critical for career advancement?  How do you provide effective high-level service to your clients and patrons?  What external forces will affect your information service operation?  Learn the answers to these questions and stay on top of the game.

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