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Cost-effective ads in SLA’s digital magazine ensures your brand is positioned creatively in SLA’s key market of 9,000 professionals and 250 subscribing institutions. Business leaders around the world rely on information professionals to provide strategic, authoritative access to information. Those information professionals turn to Information Outlook to stay at the forefront of the digital information revolution. By advertising in Information Outlook, you generate brand recognition within your core market. A note about the digital format: Readers can access this digital magazine on their smartphone and/or tablet, and share content with their favorite social network. The varied access and promotional benefits that are made possible by a digital publication are enjoyed by its advertisers.

Rates and Specs        Publishing Calendar

Advertise at the SLA Annual Conference & INFO-EXPO

Your market is waiting! Print and digital advertising at SLA 2015 in Vancouver will bolster your message and promote your booth number. Consider a sponsorship to receive the total marketing package. Please contact Everett Woods at +1.703.647.4917.

Connections Newsletter Ad Rates and Specs

SLA Connections is a bi-monthly e-newsletter filled with SLA news, industry topics, and calls for discussion. The newsletter is distributed to SLA members and thousands of other special librarians and information professionals (total circulation exceeds 14,000). The content is drawn from the SLA Blog, industry partners, social media, consulting firms, and a variety of other sources. With its easy-to-read format and wide assortment of content, Connections is popular with information professionals in all work environments and industry sectors.

Connections Ad Placements

Rate per issue
Specs (width x height)**
“Sponsored By” Side Box: (1 issue)
180 x 57 pixels (minimum)
2 issues (full month)
Same as above
4 issues (2 months)
Same as above
6 issues (3 months)
Same as above
Side box:*** (1 issue)
160 x 133 pixels
2 issues (full month)
Same as above
4 issues (2 months)
Same as above
6 issues (3 months)
Same as above

*Material Due Date: 200 characters of “about” text (including spaces) at least 7 days in advance

**Media Requirement: high-res JPEG logo (size varies depending on image) minimum size 180px x 57px.  

***Does not include “about” text.

Online Advertising

Digital advertising is a crucial part of every marketing agenda. online ads are direct, cost-effective connections between advertisers’ web sites and thousands of information professionals.  These ads rotate throughout our site, including the highest traffic pages: homepage, career center, conference information, and Information Outlook. Monthly Traffic at

Page Visits: 460,000 Visitors: 90,000 Page Hits: 2.65 million Time per Session: 5.32 minutes

Advertising Rates * All ads are rotated equally. SLA only rotates 5 total ads at any given time in a single location, including house ads. Reservations accepted on first come, first served basis. Specs & Media Requirements

Materials Due
Top Banner
468×60 pixels
7 days prior to run
GIF, Flash, or JPEG
Side Square
250×250 pixels
7 days prior to run
GIF, Flash, or JPEG

Advertising & Sponsorship Contact Please contact Everett Woods at +1.703.647.4917.

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