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  • Information does not exist in a vacuum, its value to the business comes through users and how they interact with it: https://t.co/vIymXtpXUR
  • The SLA L.I.P. Program is designed to inform and enhance the professional careers of special librarians - See more: https://t.co/RPTPeDB3ua
  • Media Researcher Helps Readers Avoid Being ‘Bamboozled’ - See more: https://t.co/4zlHJ4i1nv
  • Once you determine how your organization can work better, it’s imperative to manage the process: https://t.co/ojBdkfxNKW
  • Do not get stuck in the loop of asking for permission, or trying to understand how much it will help. See more: https://t.co/KLPjmBQZAu
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