2018 Editorial and Advertising Calendar

The Information Outlook Advisory Council, a group of SLA members, works with the editor of Information Outlook to develop an annual calendar of editorial themes. In addition to theme articles, each issue of Information Outlook contains a 10-question interview with an SLA member, columns about copyright, technology, research, and marketing, and features on other topics of interest to librarians and information professionals.

If you’d like to write about a theme topic or any other issue of interest to information professionals, send a brief outline or abstract to Stuart Hales. To learn more about writing for Information Outlook, read the guidelines. To advertise in Information Outlook, contact Marlena Turner.

Following are the theme topics and potential article subjects for each issue. NOTE: The due dates listed below each issue are the due dates for articles/ad space reservations/ad materials.


  • What is mentoring, and how does it differ from coaching and counseling?
  • What should you expect from a mentoring relationship, and what qualities should you look for in a mentor?
  • What mentoring opportunities are available to solo librarians?

Due dates: January 10/January 17/January 24

Supporting Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  • What is “intrapreneurship,” and how can libraries and information centers support entrepreneurism within their organizations?
  • Who are today’s entrepreneurs, and what role can libraries play in meeting their needs?
  • Are makerspaces and innovation labs helpful in promoting and supporting entrepreneurial thinking, or should librarians focus their efforts instead on crating a culture of innovation and entrpreneurship?

Due dates: March 7/March 14/March 21

Managing Change in the Library

  • What are the differences and similarities in managing change that’s imposed by management as opposed to change that’s demanded by users and patrons?
  • How do you elicit feedback and secure buy-in on potential changes?
  • What are best practices and/or lessons learned with regard to retiring and replacing and longstanding product or service? Changing collection formats, physical locations, or user access protocols?

Due dates: May 9/May 16/May 23

Improving the User Experience

  • What do we mean by a “positive” user experience, and what’s the most effective way to measure it?
  • Should a “makerspace” or coffee lounge be considered part of a library for purposes of improving or measuring the user experience?
  • Should we take a one-size-fits-all approach to user experience, and if not, how do we prioritize users and/or experiences?
  • What are best practices in developing and managing usability testing projects, improving signage and wayfinding, etc.?

Due dates: July 11/July 18/July 25

Communicating Your Library’s Mission

  • Who should be involved in developing your library’s mission statement, and what role should each stakeholder play?
  • What purposes does a mission statement serve, and how can you use it to create new opportunities for your library or information center?
  • To what extent should your library’s mission statement support or reflect the parent organization’s mission statement, and how should it differ?

Due dates: September 12/September 19/September 26

Diversity in the Library

  • How are disability issues being addressed by libraries and information centers?
  • How can we recruit more minorities into the library profession?
  • What do we mean by “diversity,” and what does a diverse library look like?
  • Can diversity be measured, and what would mark success?

Due dates: November 7/November 14/November 21

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