#SLAtalk: Let’s Get Technical

September’s #SLAtalk will feature your ideas on how information professionals will effectively provide access to the increasingly changing nature of information.

We’re pleased to be joined by IET (the Institute of Engineering and Technology) who will be co-hosting and participating in #SLAtalk: Let’s Get Technical. IET is a valued exhibitor and sponsor of SLA events, so let’s show them a warm welcome to the #SLAtalk world! (follow their new handle: @IETInnovates)


Tuesday, September 10th, 17:30 UTC (13:30 EDT / 10:30 PDT)

Questions to answer:

  1. Open Access: How is open access influencing and revolutionizing the way users access information? (first 15 minutes)
  2. Analytical Skills: How do you as an information professional assess the credibility of new information and/or resources? What trends do you see in information needs? (second 15 minutes)
  3. Information Discovery Trends: How do student researchers or young professionals discover, use and share information? Are there telling differences between new & veteran researchers? (third 15 minutes)
  4. Big Data: Do you play a role in sharing, organizing, and analyzing ‘Big Data’? Do you think it will live up to its hype in the coming years? (last 15 minutes)

Prepare with some light reading:

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#SLAtalk Partner: IET

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