Unseen & Unheard: SLA Virtual Conference NINJAS

You can be both!

You can be both!

There are ninjas among us.

That’s right, even in SLA, black belts roam the digital landscape, protecting the innocent, exposing the misleading, and wielding their skills with max efficiency.

You can be a ninja too when you attend the virtual session: Ninja Skills for Librarians on Thursday, September 26, at 11:00 a.m. eastern time. The session is one of 6 hard-hitters that comprise SLA’s Virtual Conference lineup, spanning 2 days and dozens of countries across the globe.

Register now for this session, featuring two black belt presenters–that’s Jennifer Doyle, a black belt in Taekwondo, and Jill Strand, a black belt in Kung Fu–speaking about how they have applied their martial arts background and mindset to specialized librarianship.

In this session, Jill and Jennifer will use real-world examples to teach you how to face common librarian challenges such as stress, negotiation, and conflict resolution with balance and control.

For keen insight on how to be an info pro ninja, as well as actionable ideas and case studies on 5 other important topics, Register for the Virtual Conference today!

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