2009 SLA Research Grant Awarded to Dr. Tao Jin

Professor to Study the Value of Corporate Libraries Engaged in
Competitive Intelligence Practices

Dr. Tao
Jin, assistant professor in the School
of Library
Information Science at Louisiana State University (LSU), is the recipient of
the 2009 SLA Research Grant. His
proposed research project, “Understanding the Value of Corporate Libraries in
Competitive Intelligence Practices,” was selected from a number of submissions by
the SLA Research & Development

Using a
multi-method approach that combines quantitative and qualitative research
methodologies, Jin will survey both competitive intelligence (CI) practitioners
and information professionals and conduct four case studies at four different
organizations. His research will explore how and to what extent CI
practitioners use their corporate libraries, how CI practitioners value their
corporate libraries and the information professionals with whom they work, and
how information professionals view their role in the CI process.

to the 2009 SLA Annual Salary Survey,
information professionals in the United States who identified CI as
their primary job responsibility earned an average salary of $75,411. Of that
group, those who reported they had been with the same employer for 11-15 years
earned as much as $169,500 annually.

“In recent
years, SLA members have been increasingly
interested in competitive intelligence, with many looking to become more
involved in CI with their current employers and others moving into new positions
that are exclusively focused on CI,” said SLA CEO Janice R. Lachance. “The
results of Dr. Jin’s study, combined with the findings of SLA’s
Alignment Research, will provide information professionals with a clear picture
of how they can increase not only their salaries but also the value they
provide to their employers by taking on CI functions or transitioning into
these roles.”  

SLA offers
grants to support research projects that advance evidence-based practice within
library and information science and that directly benefit the operations of SLA and its chapters, divisions and committees and
support the association's expanding global agenda.  SLA’s
investment in these projects yields direct benefits to the association and its
members, who learn the results of the projects upon their completion.

The grant awards
are bestowed by the SLA Research & Development Committee and funded by the SLA
Research Grant Fund, which combines the SLA
Endowment Fund, the SLA Research Fund, and the Steven I. Goldspiel Memorial

For more
information about grant opportunities through SLA,
visit the Grants and Scholarships section of the SLA Web site at http://www.sla.org/content/learn/scholarship/researchgrant/index.cfm.

About Dr. Tao Jin

Tao Jin is an assistant professor in the School of Library
and Information Science at LSU, where he teaches courses on business
information resources, management of knowledge-based assets, and special
libraries and serves as the faculty advisor for the university’s SLA Student
Chapter.  Jin has studied the competitive
intelligence community for more than six years and has published numerous articles
and conference papers about competitive intelligence, knowledge management, and
webometrics. Supported by fellowships and grants awarded by the governments of Canada
and Quebec, he studied the information work of 28 CI professionals, completing his
doctoral thesis on the subject in 2008.

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2 responses to “2009 SLA Research Grant Awarded to Dr. Tao Jin”

  1. Is there a blog or any other way to track the progress/results of the study? Will updates be posted to the SLA Blog?

  2. cara says:

    Hi Andrea, Thanks for your comment. The research results are typically presented at our annual conference as a session, and often they are also published in Information Outlook.

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