‘A Fast-Paced Tour of New Ideas’

mikewalsh_144x144If a library is a place to learn and discover, Mike Walsh’s library knows no geographical or cultural bounds. One week he’s in Cairo watching political and religious movements build followings in social networks, the next week he’s in Japan watching teenagers and twenty-somethings use the latest electronic gadgets, then he’s off to South America to see new advancements in green technology or manufacturing.

By his own admission, he’s a “global nomad” who is forever searching for new ideas and insights. But what he’s really seeking is context—a perspective from which to see how our future might unfold.

“The overwhelming abundance of information today obscures what’s important and what we should pay attention to,” he said in an interview for the May-June issue of Information Outlook. “Google may have the answer to every question you might ask, but how do you find the right questions to ask?”

A former director at a market research firm and currently the CEO of an innovation research lab, Mike specializes in identifying future trends in emerging markets. On Sunday, 9 June, he’ll be in San Diego sharing his thoughts about the future with attendees at SLA’s 2013 Annual Conference and INFO-EXPO.

“I’m hoping to take the audience on a fast-paced tour of new ideas that will challenge the way they think about what’s happening—not just in their day-to-day work, but in their broader, daily lives as well,” he told Information Outlook. “For me, traveling, observing people and cultures, interviewing crazy scientists and inspired entrepreneurs, and just hanging out in strange places—they’re all part of the way I build context for the changes we’re seeing in the world. When you have context, you know what questions to ask.”

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