SLA Past Presidents

2019: Hal Kirkwood
2018: Roberto Sarmiento
2017: Dianna “Dee” Magnoni
2016: Tom Rink
2015: Jill Strand
2014: Kate Arnold
2013: Deb Hunt
2012: Brent Mai
2011: Cindy Romaine
2010: Anne Caputo
2009: Gloria Zamora
2008: Stephen Abram
2006-07: Rebecca B. Vargha
2005-06: Pam Rollo
2004-05: Ethel Salonen
2003-04: Cindy Hill
2002-03: Bill Fisher
2001-02: Hope Tillman
2000-01: Donna Scheeder
1999-00: Susan DiMattia
1998-99: L. Susan Hayes
1997-98: Judith J. Field
1996-97: Sylvia E.A. Piggot
1995-96: Jane Dysart
1994-95: Didi Pancake
1993-94: Miriam A. Drake
1992-93: Catherine “Kitty” Scott
1991-92: Guy St. Clair
1990-91: Ruth K. Seidman
1989-90: Muriel Regan
1988-89: Joe Ann Clifton
1987-88: Emily R. Mobley
1986-87: Frank H. Spaulding
1985-86: H. Robert Malinowski
1984-85: Vivian J. Arterbery
1983-84: Pat Molholt
1982-83: Janet M. Rigney
1981-82: George H. Ginader
1980-81: James B. Dodd
1979-80: Joseph M. Dagnese
1978-79: Vivian D. Hewitt
1977-78: Shirley Echelman
1976-77: Mark H. Baer
1975-76: Miriam H. Tees
1974-75: Edythe Moore
1973-74: Gilles Frappier
1972-73: Edward G. Strable
1971-72: Efren W. Gonzalez
1970-71: Florine A. Oltman
1969-70: Robert W. Gibson, Jr.
1968-69: Herbert S. White
1967-68: Elizabeth R. Usher
1966-67: Frank E. McKenna
1965-66: Alleen Thompson
1964-65: William S. Budington
1963-64: Mildred H. Brode
1962-63: Ethel S. Klahre
1961-62: Eugene B. Jackson
1960-61: Winifred Sewell
1959-60: Burton W. Adkinson
1958-59: Margaret H. Fuller
1957-58: Alberta L. Brown
1956-57: Katharine L. Kinder
1955-56: Chester M. Lewis
1954-55: Gretchen D. Little
1953-54: Lucile L. Keck
1952-53: Elizabeth Ferguson
1951-52: Grieg Aspnes
1950-51: Elizabeth W. Owens
1949-50: Ruth H. Hooker
1948-49: Rose L. Vormelker
1947-48: Irene Strieby Shreve
1946-47: Betty Joy Cole
1945-46: Herman H. Henkle
1944-45: Walter Hausdorfer
1942-44: Eleanor S. Cavanaugh
1940-42: Laura A. Woodward
1938-40: Alma C. Mitchill
1937-38: William F. Jacob
1935-37: Howard L. Stebbins
1934-35: Ruth Savord
1932-34: Mary Louise Alexander
1931-32: Alta B. Claflin
1930-31: Margaret Reynolds
1929-30: William Alcott
1926-29: Francis E. Cady
1924-26: Daniel N. Handy
1923-24: Edward H. Redstone
1922-23: Rebecca B. Rankin
1920-22: Dorsey W. Hyde, Jr.
1919-20: Maude Carabin Mann
1918-19: Guy Elwood Marion
1916-18: Charles C. Williamson
1916: Frederick N. Morton*
1915-16: Andrew Linn Bostwick
1914-15: Richard H. Johnston
1912-14: Daniel N. Handy
1911-12: Robert H. Whitten
1909-11: John Cotton Dana


* Resigned due to illness

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