Voices of SLA: an International Oral History

An initiative of the Fellows of SLA

Voices of SLA is an international repository of interviews with SLA’s elected and volunteer leaders, Fellows , honorees, mid-career professionals, people of significant influence to the profession, SLA staff members and others. Their stories and opinions will have relevance to students, graduate school faculty, information professionals within and outside SLA, researchers, and will serve as inspiration for future generations of information professionals.

Emily Mobley Oral History Interview
June 2012

James (Jim) Tchobanoff Oral History Interview
January 2011

Marjorie Hlava Oral History Interview
December 2009

Judith J. Field Oral History Interview
December 2009

Bernard (Buzzy) Basch Oral History Interview
December 2009

Dorothy McGarry Oral History Interview
November 2009

Miriam (Mimi) Drake Oral History Interview
April 2009

Kitty Scott Oral History Interview
May 2009

David Bender Oral History Interview
August 2009

James Matarazzo Oral History Interview
April 2009

Barbara Semonche Oral History Interview
April 2009

Voices from Our Past — SLA Presidents’ Reminiscences
By Susan DiMattia

Beginning with Guy Elwood Marion, who served as president of the Special Libraries Association (SLA) in 1918-19, some people who have held that office have participated in oral interviews or have provided written information about their memories of their term of office and the status of specialized librarianship in their contemporary environments. The comments range from sparse to detailed and cover a wide range of topics, yet there is a surprising number of issues and concerns that emerge repeatedly over a span of years–association governance and planning, proposed name changes and branding, mentoring, campaigns to grow membership, globalization, conflicts, and a host of others., just some of which are included below.

Guy Elwood Marion (1918-19)
Irene Macy Strieby Shreve (1947-48)

Grieg Aspnes (1951-52)

Eugene Jackson (1961-62)
Elizabeth Ferguson (1952-53)
Edward Strable (1972-73)
Shirley Echelman (1977-78)
Vivian Hewitt (1978-79)

Frank Spaulding (1986-87)
Joe Ann Clifton (1988-89)

Ruth Seidman (1990-91)
Guy St. Clair (1991-92)

Miriam (Mimi) Drake (1993-94)
Edwina (Didi) Pancake (1994-95)

Sylvia Piggott (1995-96)

Judy Field (1997-98)
Susan DiMattia (1999-2000)
Hope Tillman (2001-2002)

Ethel Salonen (2004-2005)
Pam Rollo (2005-06)

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