SLA Reaffirms Commitment to Inclusion

The Special Libraries Association has reaffirmed its commitment to helping create a more inclusive society, joining with several other library and information management groups in issuing a statement calling for equal access to information resources and services.

The statement, coordinated by the American Library Association, reads as follows:

Equity, diversity, and inclusion are core values of our associations. We believe that as a profession we must continue to support efforts in building a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive society. As professional organizations, we strive to advance the capacity to identify and remove barriers to equity, diversity, and inclusion relative to all members and patrons with a broad spectrum of best practices, tools, and resources.

Collaboration between library associations is pivotal to effectively furthering this work. Libraries serve as the cornerstone of our society. Regardless of the type of library, constituency, or region, we stand together to support the efforts of libraries to provide equitable access for all through inclusive collections, resources, services, and programs.

SLA promotes inclusion and diversity through its Diversity Inclusion Community Equity Caucus (DICE), which is open to all SLA members. Diversity and inclusion were also key themes of SLA’s recent 2019 Annual Conference in Cleveland.

“Diversity is not, and cannot be, a word we say or a flag we wave,” SLA President Hal Kirkwood told conference attendees. “It must be the very fabric of SLA, the thread that binds together the ‘single garment of destiny’ that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., spoke of.”

About SLA
The Special Libraries Association (SLA) is a nonprofit international organization for innovative information professionals and their strategic partners. SLA serves information professionals in more than 60 countries and in a range of working environments, including business, academia and government agencies. SLA promotes and strengthens its members through learning, advocacy and networking initiatives. For more information, visit

Amy Burke

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