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Member Engagement and Information Technology
Email or Call (+1-312-265-2909) Jordan Burghardt, Director, Member Engagement

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Email or Call (+1-703-556-7163) Stuart Hales, Director of Content

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Email Claire Sutton, Coordinator, Engagement & Education

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Email Natalie Bello, Director of Events

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Email or Call (+1-703-647-4900) Amy Burke, Executive Director

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Email or Call (+1-703-647-4900) Emma Adelman, Senior Coordinator, Governance

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Email or (+1-703-556-7173) Mark Mann, Sr. Manager, Sales


Email Cecilia Mason, Director of Finance

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Amy Lestition Burke, MA, CAE
Executive Director
Amy Lestition Burke, CAE, the executive director of the Special Libraries Association (SLA), provides overall executive leadership in collaboration with the SLA Board of Directors and staff. Amy is responsible for the implementation of policies set by the board of directors, the SLA Strategic Plan and Annual Business Plan, as well as the financial and programmatic management of the association. Amy creates and implements new educational and community initiatives as well as enhances the value for SLA members and the information community.

In a baseball game, if you were going up to hit, what would be your walk-up music?
It’s hard to pick just one! The opening of the Passion Pit song, “Moth’s Wings,” brings a smile to my face and gets me going. I would also select Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” because it just makes me want to show you my dance moves.

What is your favorite book?
A book that I’ve read recently and recommend to you is Serve to Be Great: Leadership Lessons from a Prison, a Monastery, and a Boardroom by Matt Tenney. I had the opportunity to hear Matt Tenney speak at a conference in 2016 and he has inspired me to enhance my leadership skills each and every day. Here’s a few of my key takeaways:

  • Servant leaders achieve true power by empowering others to achieve excellence.
  • Presence is the greatest gift we can give someone.
  • During your interactions, be fully present, listening with the intent to understand.
  • Biggest blocks to innovation are bureaucracy and fear. Create a culture that people aren’t afraid to challenge status quo.
  • To attract top talent, look for individuals who are attentive, fully engaged, and want to be there.
  • Always give back (proceeds from the sale of the book are donated to charity).

What is one fun fact about you?
I love music—going to concerts, playing the piano, and dancing. I’ve had a lot of fun creating carpool karaoke videos with my colleagues and friends. It’s a great bonding moment with so many laughs that last a lifetime!


Jennifer Hedrick
Vice President of Operations

As the vice president of operations for SLA, Jennifer oversees the association’s marketing, communications and general staff components and operations for the association.

In a baseball game, if you were going up to hit, what would be your walk-up music?
“Kashmir” by Led Zeppelin (about 1:50 into the song)

What is your favorite book?
The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck

What is one fun fact about you?
I have the best “small world” story you will ever hear. Truly.

Emma Adelman
Senior Coordinator, Governance

Emma is responsible for assisting the SLA Executive Director with activities related to the SLA Board of Directors and governance.

In a baseball game, if you were going up to hit, what would be your walk-up music? Circle of Life (intro)

What is your favorite book?
The Warmth of Other Suns

What is one fun fact about you?
I make custom challot.


Jordan Burghardt

Director of Engagement

Jordan works with the SLA Member Engagement Team to identify ways to increase member satisfaction, develop recruitment and retention initiatives, work with member communities, and increase member and community engagement.

In a baseball game, if you were going up to hit, what would be your walk-up music? “Renegade” by Jay Z

What is your favorite book? On the Road by Jack Kerouac

What is one fun fact about you? I am obsessed with outer space!

Claire Sutton

Coordinator, Engagement & Education

Claire assists with recruitment and retention efforts and helps SLA members with registration and financial questions. Claire is also responsible for supporting SLA educational activities throughout the year and at the SLA Annual Conference.

In a baseball game, if you were going up to hit, what would be your walk-up music? “Soulmate” by Lizzo

What is your favorite book?
Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen

What is one fun fact about you?
I still have my childhood cat who I got in 1st grade. 


Samantha (Sami) Baron
Education Coordinator

Sami assists with the organization and oversight of the association’s premier education event, the SLA Annual Conference. Her duties include supporting the education session proposal review process and helping ensure the conference’s 100-plus speakers and programs are presented as planned.

In a baseball game, if you were going up to hit, what would be your walk-up music?
“Uptown Girl” by Billy Joel

What is your favorite book?
The Things We Cannot Say by Kelly Rimmer

What is one fun fact about you?
My husband and I have the same name (Sam).


Jemilah Senter
Associate Vice President, Marketing

Jemilah leads the development and oversees the implementation of an integrated marketing and communications strategy for all SLA functions. In her role, Jemilah provides guidance for positioning and messaging, audience profiles and segmentation, and creative design and direction while managing the marketing/communication budget. Jemilah also serves as the chief ambassador for SLA’s brand.

In a baseball game, if you were going up to hit, what would be your walk-up music?
“Let me Clear My Throat” (live) by DJ Kool. Since 1996, this song has maintained the ability to get the party hyped. I think it would do the same for me heading to home plate.

What is your favorite book?
The Shining by Stephen King

What is one fun fact about you?
I love paper crafts; however, I do not love (or even like) making scrapbooks.

Stuart Hales
Director, Content

Stuart heads SLA’s marketing and communications functions, writes blog posts and press releases, assists with board communications and helps develop and implement content creation strategies. He is also the staff member for three advisory councils (CAC, PRAC, and PREP) and the staff liaison for conference contributed papers.

In a baseball game, if you were going up to hit, what would be your walk-up music?
“One for My Baby (and One More for the Road)”—preferably the Frank Sinatra version, but Billie Holiday will do in a pinch.

What is your favorite book?
On my nightstand right now is Nicholas Pileggi’s Wise Guy, the true story behind the Martin Scorsese film “Goodfellas.”

What is one fun fact about you?
I once petted Secretariat (but none of his magic ever rubbed off on me).

Meghan Hughes
Coordinator, Marketing and Communications

Meghan manages the design and distribution of marketing messages and communications developed by SLA, including SLA This Week, e-mails from SLA headquarters, the SLA president and the board of directors, and social media content. She also contributes to marketing and communications strategy development across all SLA functions and lines of business, including events, member engagement, and learning.

In a baseball game, if you were going up to hit, what would be your walk-up music?
“Shake it Off” by Taylor Swift

What is your favorite book?
The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

What is one fun fact about you?
In my spare time, I love painting and practicing photography. I enjoy painting scenery, such as beaches, skylines, etc., as well as abstract painting. As for photography, I enjoy all kinds, from scenery to portraits.



Mark Mann
Senior Sales Manager

Mark implements and sells exhibits, sponsorship, and advertising for SLA. He identifies business opportunities by identifying prospects and evaluating their position in SLA. He sells products by establishing contacts, developing relationships with prospects, and recommending potential solutions.

In a baseball game, if you were going up to hit, what would be your walk-up music?
“Devastated” by Joey Bad

What is your favorite book?
Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

What is one fun fact about you?
I am very passionate about the game of golf, and I am big advocate and supporter of community service projects such as the Capital Area Food Bank and Hands on DC.

Kayla Prather
Senior Coordinator, Exhibits, Sponsorships and Integrated Media

Kayla assists with sponsorship and exhibit deliverables for SLA’s Annual Conference and SLA’s half-day intensive education program, InfoTrends, and also coordinates year-round communications with sponsors. She also schedules sponsored digital advertising, including sponsored e-mails, ads, and webinars.


Cecilia Mason
Director of Finance

Cecilia serves as the Director of Finance, handling the accounting and budgeting for SLA.

In a baseball game, if you were going up to hit, what would be your walk-up music?

“Ain’t Going Down” by Garth Brooks

What is your favorite book?
Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice

What is one fun fact about you?
I love to read!


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