SLA’s Strategic Agenda (2012-2014)

The SLA Board of Directors has developed an updated strategic agenda for SLA. This agenda serves as a roadmap for our association between now and 2014 to provide the best career-enhancing benefits to our members worldwide. The agenda prioritizes key areas of focus that will maximize the success of SLA and its members within an unpredictable economic climate.

SLA Fellows have been asked to help chapter and division leaders incorporate the Strategic Agenda into the decisions their units make.  Fellows will be contacting 2013 unit leaders to discuss how to make the most of the strategic agenda process for their respective units.   SLA Fellows Gloria Zamora and Libby Trudell are coordinating the effort.

Each and every SLA member will have an integral role to play in order for our strategic agenda to become reality–a role that is professionally beneficial and that opens up new opportunities for many years to come.

Five Key Areas have been identified as priorities to guide the association’s leaders, volunteers, and staff toward fulfillment of SLA’s Strategic Agenda.

  1. Annual Conference: SLA’s chief member benefit is its highest priority. We will increase collaboration across SLA’s divisions to provide more focused, refined content. This collaboration will leverage our professional experience and institutional knowledge to ensure increased relevance of programming for SLA’s conference attendees. While increasing specificity of topics is key, focus will also be placed on broadening opportunities for learning.
  2. Professional Development: SLA’s value to its membership will be enhanced not only through improved in-person development offerings, but in combination with a year-round, virtual education program. We will define a new approach to providing reliable and useful professional development programming, comprising virtual opportunities throughout the year, and partnerships with schools of library and information science to co-develop content, communications, and delivery of educational programs.
  3. Creating Richer Volunteer Experiences to Help Members Develop In-Demand Skills: A fulfilled association-vision will depend heavily upon SLA’s volunteer force–the network that gives the association its strength and relevance. What better incentive to become active in the association than the fact that it will benefit your career? New skills that members pick up as volunteers in our chapters and divisions may just be the stepping stones to a promotion or achievement at work. Added focus will be placed on creating richer volunteer experiences in the areas of web development (search engine optimization, plug-in development and research), marketing (developing a marketing plan for local events and programs), program management (overseeing budgets, fund raising with local vendor communities), and more. SLA’s volunteers will be powerfully well-rounded in the years to come.
  4. Opening New Markets through Collaboration: A bright future for SLA depends on collaboration with key partners within the information industry. We will strive toward an increase in opportunities available to SLA’s membership through affiliation with schools of library and information science and the vendors who provide products and services that empower SLA members.
  5. Growth through Diversification: The information profession is evolving faster than ever, thanks to the rapid rate of technological change and innovation. In this evolution lies opportunity to expand SLA’s offerings to new and nontraditional sectors of the information profession, and to enhance SLA as a professional home for these groups–e.g. competitive intelligence specialists, IT development specialists, and software and standards trainers.

The five focus areas described above are highlights of our strategic agenda that all SLA unit leaders can incorporate into their plans to fulfill a prosperous vision for the future. It goes without saying that each area of focus is interwoven–each one depends on the other. As always, the value here lies in the opportunity to network, to try on something new, to step out of our comfort zones, and to achieve more than ever before.

Past presidents Anne Caputo and Cindy Romaine presented a webinar on the Strategic Agenda.

The 2012-2014 Strategic Agenda does not replace SLA’s Strategic Plan, but rather serves as a roadmap for our association between now and 2014 to provide the best career-enhancing benefits to our 9,000-plus members worldwide.

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