Oxford Economics’ Global Data Services

Oxford Economics DiscountCountry Economic Forecasts
The ultimate forecast data workstation for academia and business.

SLA has partnered with Oxford Economics, a leader in global economic forecasting and quantitative analysis, to provide exclusive members-only rates on Oxford’s new global data workstation, Oxford Economics’ Global Data Services.

This unparalleled research tool will provide faculty and students access to the same advanced portfolio of economic data, analysis and models that are used by economists and senior executives in companies and organizations worldwide.

Hard-to-find data on 190 countries, 2,600 cities, and 100 industries
This service provides uniquely reliable granular data and forecasts to support international management and business programs worldwide.  In addition to global economic and industry databanks, the tool provides unique forecasts for 2,600 cities and regions worldwide, global trade, the supply of talent, and diversity trends—all integrated into one common platform, and at a special rate.

Free trial
For more information or to request a free trial demonstration, contact Oxford Economics directly at +1.646.503.3049 and mention that you are a member of SLA, or visit www.oxfordeconomics.com/data-services, click “Contact us” and enter SLA in the query field.

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