Meet Our New Members

The Special Libraries Association would like thank and spotlight our new Association members. Join in making them welcome and a part of the SLA Family.

Erica Knapp

Erica graduated from the University of Iowa with her Master’s in Library and Information Science and a Certificate in Book Studies in May of 2018. She enjoys book history, calligraphy, photography, and reading in her spare time.

Kelly Carrigan

Kelly Carrigan is a Cincinnati native who has prior career experience as an analyst with the U.S. Government and has recently shifted gears to work in the library science field. She has a BA in Humanities, BS in Library Informatics, and a MA in Political Science and is currently working in an academic library.

Mark Chalmers

Mark holds an undergraduate degree in astrophysics and recently started as a Science and Engineering Librarian at the University of Cincinnati after being awarded his MLIS in 2018. He recently joined SLA, Cincinnati chapter and PAM division, and is serving on the PAM hospitality committee for the SLA 2019 conference.

Monique Liston

My name is Monique Liston and I currently work in biotech as a Sr. Medical Librarian. I graduated back in 2004 with my Masters of Library Science. I really enjoy supporting clinical endeavors with quality literature and teaching others the importance of research and literature in their daily lives. I am so happy to have the SLA in place as a support mechanism for my continued professional development.

Theresa Pipher

I’ve been a research analyst with Dawnbreaker (Rochester, NY) for 14 years and work with small businesses that have been federally funded for advanced S&T developments. I recently came on board as the Secretary for the SLA CID and am thrilled to be join the crew!

Stephanie Agnes-Crockett

Stephanie Agnes-Crockett is an elementary school library technician pursuing her MLIS at San Jose State University. She is also a freelance writer whose work appears in American Farmhouse Style, Flea Market Decor and Atomic Ranch Magazine, amongst others.

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