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Heading for a future as an information professional? You need the SLA EDGE. In today’s business world, your career development requires the support of the global network that can only be found at SLA. SLA members span the breadth of the information industry, from traditional librarians to taxonomists, data scientists to competitive intelligence specialists, and knowledge managers to research directors. What began as a profession that collected and managed information for business organizations has evolved to provide a growing suite of services that help organizations assess their environments, analyze available intelligence, and make informed decisions. Join SLA and continue to innovate, develop, and lead in the information field.

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    “As a student, I found my first full-time job opportunity through the job postings section of the SLA website. At the time, I didn’t think much of SLA. I didn’t know the difference between the various LIS organizations that I was introduced to as a student. As a young professional, I attend the Annual Conference in Philadelphia in 2016 to learn more about the LIS profession as well as to meet other LIS students, professionals, and vendors. Through this conference, I found my professional safe space to learn and grow as a librarian in the SLA Philadelphia Chapter, a unit in which members value community outreach, networking, professional development, mentorship, and good food. Each year since, I have attended the Annual Conference and set professional goals for myself to learn soft skills such as leadership and project management as well as learn about various types of subject-based jobs within the LIS profession in academia, industry, and government. When I compare SLA to other LIS organizations, I have come to realize that SLA is a big organization full of professionals willing to connect with young professionals and students in meaningful ways. If you’re a student or professional looking to learn about various LIS careers and meet people in those careers, I recommend that you join SLA and get to know its members locally, via SLAConnect, and at the Annual Conference.”

    Aman Kaur

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