Add ‘Copyright Guru’ to Your Resume

If you have been meaning to take a course on the updated Canadian copyright law, this may be the time to do so. Starting September 24, the updated Canadian Copyright Essentials online course (CCM201) will kick off the latest offering of SLA’s Certificate in Copyright Management (CCM) program. By participating in this course, you’ll get solid grounding on legally using content in your library.

CopyrightCanadian Copyright Essentials includes discussion and application of recent changes to Canadian copyright law, Canadian copyright law background and reform, criteria for copyright protection under Canadian law, types of protected works, method and duration of protection, notice requirements, unlocatable copyright owners/orphan works, fair dealing, special provisions for libraries and others, infringement and remedies, and differences between Canadian and U.S. copyright law.

If you are enthusiastic to learn more about copyright, you may want to consider the Certificate in Copyright Management program. 2015 marks the program’s 8th year. The CCM courses are specifically designed to help information professionals (as non-lawyers) to gain the knowledge and understanding of copyright that they need to handle everyday copyright issues and to be leaders in copyright compliance and education within their organizations.

Lesley Ellen HarrisThe CCM program, offered by SLA and, was developed and is taught by Lesley Ellen Harris, author of the book Canadian Copyright Law, fourth edition. Each course in the program provides participants with comprehensive and practical information, assignments, and discussion on a wide range of copyright topics. Topics covered in the certificate program include Canadian, U.S., and global copyright laws, social media and digital copyright issues, digital license agreements, and much more. Each course has inherent value and may be taken separately, or participants can enroll in the full 8- or 9-course program. The primary goal of the program is to provide participants with a comprehensive knowledge base and the practical tools to address a wide range of copyright topics and applications in a manner that is logical and intuitive, and easily understood by non-lawyers.

Each year, many professionals, who typically work full-time, commit themselves to taking the time required to complete the program, generally going above and beyond in their efforts to complete the course and assignments, and participate in the discussion. The time commitment made by participants to complete the program is significant (though not overwhelming), and the organizations employing these information professionals benefit immensely from the knowledge gained through their employee’s participation.

Completing all online courses by June 2016 will enable the participant to take the two required in-person courses at the SLA Annual Conference in June 2016 in Philadelphia and receive a program diploma. (Note: Participants have up to 24 months to complete all coursework.) To register or to learn more about the courses and program, visit the SLA websitePlease send an e-mail to SLA staff if you have questions.

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