Agnes Mattis – Candidate for President Elect – Question # 2

The beauty of the Alignment Project is that the results are two-fold, for us as information professionals and for  the association as a whole. The research put new words behind the work we do as individuals. We will stop describing ourselves as functions but as strategic thinkers and knowledge workers who bring value to our organizations.

Through the research we can create a road map to guide our association as we enter our second hundred years. We can re-position our association to be more inclusive, to attract members who may have thought SLA did not have a place for them.


The top takeaway for me is now that we have all the research it is time put it into action.


The new portal will bring together everything to do with alignment. We will have the chance to absorb and digest the findings of Fleishman Hillard and Outsell. The Alignment Ambassadors will join SLA leadership to communicate the value and positioning of the Association and the profession. I have heard some people say this is just about a name change. But it is so much more than that. It becomes who we are and how we define ourselves. The research has shown that our current name does not resonate with those outside of the Association – How many times have you had to explain what a special librarian is? If a new name will make our communication and positioning better, I say bring it on. This sounds like a good start to me. I'm excited about the future of the association. We have a lot of work to do and  I want to be a part of it. How about you?

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  1. Agnes, you said “The research put new words behind the work we do as individuals.”
    That’s a great point – we’ve been in the habit of defining ourselves by the library or information center we work in, but our value goes beyond that to what we as individuals contribute. Thanks for bringing that up!

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