Alignment Ambassadors Conclusion and Thank You

Dear Colleagues,

My sincere gratitude to the SLA Alignment Ambassadors for all their work and effort.

Deb Hunt
SLA President

To support the ambitious Alignment Project spanning the years 2007 to 2009, the SLA Board of Directors, in conjunction with the Public Relations Advisory Council,  recruited “Alignment Ambassadors” to help share news with members on the progress and results of the research. Through their dedicated efforts, the results of the alignment project have become a part of the fabric of SLA and its operations.  It is now time to express our deepest thanks and appreciation to the Ambassadors, and formally conclude this element of the Alignment Project so that those who served may refocus their energies on other worthwhile projects within the Association.  We honor the following Ambassadors (all 122) and hope they will continue to serve SLA in other roles now and in the years to come:

Alex Feng

Amy Buckland

Amy L. Affelt

Ann Sweeney

Anne Caputo

Barbara  M. Spiegelman

Beth Wagner

Brandy King

Cara Schatz

Caralyn Champa

Cathy Wolford

Chris Orr

Chris Vestal

Christine Olson

Cindy Hill

Cindy Romaine

Constance Ard

Dan Trefethen

Daniel Lee

Danny Maiello

Daureen Nesdill

Dave Martin

David Cappoli

David Hemingway

David Shumaker

Deb  Hunt

Debbie Schachter

Debbie Schacter

Debi Knox

Debra Jesionowski

Delia Rodriguez

Diana Wiggins

Donna Wolfe

Doug Mullin

Doug Newcomb

Ellen Heavner

Eric Schwarz

Eva Stefanski


Geraldine Clement-Stoneham

Gimena Campos

Gloria Zamora

Grace Chilingirian

Heather O’Daniel

Hope Tillman

Jacqueline Bartek

Jamal L. Cromity

James King

Jan Keiser

Janet Keiser

Janice Lachance

Jarell D. Grady

Jeff Leach

Jeffra Bussmann

Jennifer Cessna

Jennifer Evert

Jill Strand

John Walsh

Joy Shanfield

Julie Rodrigue

Karen Huffman

Kari Anderson

Kate Arnold

Kathleen Rainwater

Kendra Levine

Kim Silk

Lassana Magassa

Leslie Fisher

Leslie J. Reynolds

Leslie Reynolds

Libby Trudell
Linda Broussard

Linda Galloway

Linda Henderson

Liz Blankson-Hemans

Lyndsay Rees-Jones

Lynn Schlesinger

Lynn Strand Meyer

Mark Goetz

Martha Foote

Mary Ellen Bates

Mary Lynn Wagner

Mary Talley

Maryhelen Jones

Michael Chesnes

Michelle Dollinger

Mohamed Ghali

Nancy Linwood

Nathan Rupp

Neil Infield

Nettie Seaberry

Pam Doffek

Patrick Clapp

Peter Moon

Quan Logan

Rachel Callison

Rebecca Jones

Reece Dano

Regina Cannon

Richard Hulser

Ron Larson

Ruth Wolfish

Samantha J. Palans

Scott Curtis

Sean Henry

Shira Kavon

Shirley Loo

Stephen Abram

Stuart C. Hales

Susan DiMattia

Susan Fifer Canby

Sushma Arora

Suzan Dolfi

Sylvia James

Sylvia Piggott

Talitha Matlin

Tamika McCollough

Tammy Lowery

Tom Rink

Ty Webb

Vicki Valleroy

Yaqub Ali

Yoko Beriault

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