Are YOU Ready to Vote on the Future Leaders of SLA?

E-voting for the 2010 Board of Directors election will begin on September 9 and run through 5:00 pm EDT on October 1. Are you ready to place an educated vote for the future leaders of SLA? With the election right around the corner, NOW is the perfect time to get to know all eight of the 2010 Candidates!

How to get started…

Each of the eight 2010 Candidates prepared speeches that outline their credentials and objectives for election to the SLA Board of Directors. These remarks have been posted to SLA-TV. In addition, each candidate has recorded their response to the following question: How can librarians and information professionals provide value-added intelligence to their organizations?

You can also visit the Board Candidates Corner, a section of the SLA Blog, to read responses to issues facing the association. Each candidate's bio is also postedand accessible through the 2010 Board of Directors Candidates page on SLA's Web site.

And, arriving in your mailbox soon, the July/August issue of Information Outlook which contains "Meet the 2010 Board Candidates" profiles and detailed information.  (The Web version of this issue to be posted in coming weeks)

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2 responses to “Are YOU Ready to Vote on the Future Leaders of SLA?”

  1. A. says:

    All of a sudden SLA-TV is what is dispensing information – as far as I’m concerned, there was no warning about its intended use. I am not a person to get information from the TV. It is not appropriate for access in the communal office. I want something to read when I am not viewing a screen. I do like that you are trying something new, but do not ignore that it doesn’t fit with everyone.

  2. Cara Schatz, SLA PR Director says:

    Dear A,
    Thanks for the feedback- It is good to hear from members on this blog!
    Let me start by saying that SLA-TV is intended to enhance what we are doing, not to replace anything.(except maybe YouTube!)
    SLA-TV is one of the many tools we use to dispense information. We are not abandoning any of the traditional communications vehicles in favor of SLA-TV.
    For example, in the case of the 2010 Board of Directors Candidates, we have provided candidate profiles and information in person (at annual conference), in print (through Information Outlook), online (on our Web site), in social media (through the candidates corner on this blog) and in email newsletter (through connectinos).
    I can understand that you might not want to “view” these videos in a communal office, just as you wouldn’t want to use Facebook or YouTube while you are at work.
    And I hope that you can find some time outside of the office to take a look at the videos and hear the speeches from each of the candidates.
    I would love to hear more from you (and all members) about what type of things you would like to see on SLA-TV in the future- feel free to email me if you like or comment below

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