Expand Your Horizons, Shrink Your Footprint

By attending SLA 2017, you can help protect and restore threatened forest ecosystems, one tree at a time.

 Photo Credit: Stephan Schultz via Flickr  

SLA is proud to partner with American Forests and take part
in its American Releaf Program.*

Through this program, SLA will donate $1 to American Forests for every SLA 2017 Annual Conference attendee. These funds will enable American Forests to plant one tree for every attendee and offset the conference’s carbon footprint.

What good can one tree do?

  • One tree will absorb 48 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere annually, meaning that each conference attendee will help to remove 48 pounds of CO2 each and every year.
  • One mature tree can filter as much as 36,500 gallons of drinking water per year. Given that the average person drinks roughly 90 gallons of water annually, SLA 2017 attendees will help purify the water supply for millions of people.
  • And, while just one tree does a lot, two trees supply enough oxygen for you to breathe—every day.

With a little effort, we can each do a lot to protect and restore our forests. Thank you in advance for your support of SLA’s partnership with American Forests.


*To learn more about American Forests, please visit www.americanforests.org.

Remember, your registration brings the mighty power of a tree!

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