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Download the mobile app and use it to create your customized schedule for the SLA 2017 Annual Conference!

This year, plan your conference schedule using the mobile app. You can do this on a mobile device (see the download and login instructions provided below) or use the web-based version.

The 2017 mobile app acts as the online planner for SLA 2017. We’re launching the app now to help you start planning your personalized SLA 2017 schedule. The app will be updated in real time, so be sure to close out of it after each use and to check back regularly for new sponsors and exhibitors, tools (such as the ability to connect with attendees), an interactive game, and much more!

Downloading the SLA 2017 Mobile App*

*If you already have the app from the SLA 2016 Annual Conference, you don’t need to download a new app for this year’s conference, but you do need to check your app store to download the most recent updates to your existing app. Once you’ve updated the app, simply locate the app already stored to your device (which is designated by SLA’s logo), open the app, and then select β€˜SLA 2017 Annual Conference.’Remember to log in for full app functionality.

1. If you do not have the app from 2016, download the 2017 app by searching stores (Apple Store: The Special Libraries Association or Google Play store: SLA Events) OR entering the following URL into your mobile browser: OR Use using your mobile device to scan and download via the QR code below:

2. Open the app on your mobile device and tap on β€˜SLA 2017 Annual Conference.’

3. Tap on the three lines in the top left-hand corner and click β€˜Login for more features!’

4. Enter your First and Last Name. Enter your Email Address (only for Mobile version).

For web-based app access, log in by entering your First and Last Name or creating a new account. Record your Confirmation Code for future use (you will need to use this code each time you log in to the web-based app to add to or access your customized schedule).

5. Access your email and click β€˜Verify Account.’ On your mobile device, tap β€˜Open App’ and select β€˜Finish’ to be fully logged into the app! You must be logged in to personalize your schedule.

For web-based app login, enter your Confirmation Code and select β€˜Finish.’

Note: You will be sent a confirmation email with all of your login credentials so you can log in on a different device if you wish. This email will include your confirmation code.


Building your SLA 2017 Schedule

1. Download the app or view the web-based version of the app.

2. Log in and record your Confirmation Code for future use. Please note that you must be logged in to personalize your schedule.

3. From your mobile device or the web-based version, navigate to the β€˜Schedule’ icon.

4. Add sessions to your personalized schedule by expanding the session and selecting β€˜Add.’ These added items will be saved in β€˜My Schedule.’

5. For those using the web-based version: Add sessions to your personalized schedule by expanding the session and selecting β€˜Add.’ These added items will be saved in β€˜My Schedule.’

How to Play Click (the App’s Game)

Participate in this scavenger hunt by snapping photos and earning badges throughout the conference for a chance to win a free registration to the SLA 2018 Annual Conference!

Please note: You must have logged into the SLA 2017 Mobile App and created a username to participate.

Here’s how to get started:
1. On the main screen of the app, click on the β€˜Click’ icon.

2. Tap β€˜Get Started’ in the top right corner, then select β€˜Sign Up’ at the bottom of the page to create your account.

3. Tap β€˜Profile’ at the top of the screen to see a list of badges and challenges to complete.

4. Pick a challenge, and then tap the camera to go to the camera view.

5. Take a photo, choose from your gallery, or tap β€˜X’ to cancel.

6. Confirm your photo on the submission page by tapping β€˜Submit.’

And you’re set! You’ll be awarded points for each challenge in which you participate, and the camera icon will become your submission photo.

Not satisfied with your submission? Tap the photo icon to resubmit the challenge.

Complete all the challenges in a category to earn a badge, and the first person to earn all of the badges wins! Check out the leaderboard and the photo feed to see photos and scavenger hunt leaders in real time.

Tips for Using the App

Use β€˜Session Search by Keywords’ to explore educational sessions according to your learning needs or thematic focus. In the β€˜Schedule’ section of the app, you’ll be able to zero in on sessions categorized by a specified content level, Learning Stream, professional competency, or co-hosting unit.

Close out of the app after each use and watch for app updates to get the most up-to-date content! Because the app will be updated in real time, so be sure to close out of it completely after each use so that if there are updates, it can refresh. If the app simply remains open on your device, any changes that have been made to it in the meantime will not show up on your device. If you’re having any challenges with your app, close out of it completely, then reopen it to ensure updates go through and that you are viewing the most up-to-date information.

Have questions about navigating the app content? Contact SLA at 703-647-4900 or

Have technical questions about the app? Contact Crowd Compass at (866) 318-4357.

Don’t want to download the app? No problem. All of these SLA Annual Conference materials and ability to view and customized your schedule are available to view online at:

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