Priority Points

Priority Points are the participation and loyalty reward system for the SLA Annual Conference & INFO-EXPO. By purchasing a booth in the INFO-EXPO and participating in SLA conference activities, organizations can increase their Priority Points.

Accumulated points determine the appointment times for booth space selection for the following year’s INFO-EXPO. The earlier your organization’s space assignment appointment, the better your chances of selecting a premium booth location. Appointments will be sent out 10-14 days prior to the conference and will take place on the Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday of the June show during the exhibit hall hours.

Points are calculated based on an organization’s overall Priority Point total and activities at the 2017 SLA conference in Phoenix.

There are four ways to accumulate Priority Points:

  1. By exhibiting at the SLA Annual Conference & INFO-EXPO (Note: You MUST exhibit to receive Priority Points.);
  2. By advertising in designated SLA annual conference outlets;
  3. By sponsoring SLA conference events and programming; and
  4. By booking room reservations through the official SLA housing service, Experient.
How are Priority Points calculated for the purchase of Exhibit Space?
Each exhibitor is credited with ten (10) Priority Points for exhibiting at the SLA conference, plus ten points for each 100 square feet of exhibit space. Co-exhibitors will receive 10 points for attending the SLA conference, but will not receive points based on square footage.
How are Priority Points accumulated for Advertising with SLA during the conference?
Fifty (50) Priority Points will be awarded to exhibitors for each advertisement in SLA conference publications, or on the website, or for ordering a list rental package.
How are Priority Points accumulated for Sponsorship Packages?
Exhibitors will earn fifty (50) Priority Points for each sponsored activity/function at the SLA conference. This includes division programming, evening events, exhibitor session presentations, and exhibitor theater presentations. Exhibitors at the Gold and Silver Conference Sponsor levels will earn an additional 75 Priority Points, and Platinum Conference Partners will earn 100 additional Priority Points.
How can I receive additional Priority Points?
Organizations that are SLA members and received SLA member rates on their SLA 2016 exhibit booth fees will receive five (5) Priority Points.
How are Priority Points accumulated for housing?
Exhibitors booking 100% of their housing needs through Experient in one of SLA’s official hotels will earn fifty (50) priority points.
What happens if my organization buys an additional booth, increases or reduces its booth size, or buys new or additional advertising/sponsorship packages?
Companies will receive full credit for any changes/additions that increase or decrease their point total.
What if a company purchases another company that has accrued points over the years?
Priority Points earned for each company will be reviewed, and the highest point total will become the new point total for the purchasing company.

Example for ABC, Inc. purchasing XYZ, Inc.:

ABC, Inc. has exhibited with SLA from 2013 – 2015 and accrued 350 points (with 75 of those points coming in 2015). XYZ, Inc. has exhibited with SLA from 2004 – 2015 and accrued 1,450 points. The combined organization’s Priority Point total is calculated by adding the highest point total (1,450 points from XYZ, Inc.) with the prior year’s point total of the company with the smaller overall priority points (75 points from ABC, Inc.). 1,450 + 75 = 1,525 points.

Can my company lose its Priority Points?
Two consecutive absences from the SLA Annual Conference will result in the loss of all accrued Priority Points. Exhibitors can also lose twenty (20) Priority Points for reducing their booth size or cancelling their booth or meeting space.
What if I believe my company's Priority Point total is incorrect?
Priority Points are calculated with great care, and we believe they accurately reflect the status of each SLA exhibitor. However, if you believe your company’s Point total is incorrect, contact the SLA Exhibits Team via e-mail prior to your space selection appointment for the next year. Challenges to your point total will not be addressed at the time of your company’s space selection.

Priority Points are neither property nor a license and cannot be transferred, sold or assigned by an exhibitor. The Priority Point system is subject to cancellation, change or modification by SLA at any time without prior notice.

Need your company’s Priority Point total? Contact SLA today.

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