About the  SLA 2018 Annual Conference Logo:

Baltimore is known for a quite a few things. “Charm City” or the “City of Neighborhoods” is the backdrop for the musical Hairspray. In our design we wanted to reflect the “Charm City” in both its pop culture and diversity. The Hairspray-inspired blocks in many colors represent the diversity of professionals that make up SLA’s membership; represent the doors of opportunity and are even a shout-out to the row homes that make Charm City, well, charming. The logo gives a nod to the past, representing books and catalogs and is reflective of the future and all the diverse opportunities of today’s information professionals. The “Bmore,” a new nickname of today’s Baltimore, also sounds like the words “be more,” and helps us convey to members and other information professionals that when they attend SLA 2018 we can help them “Bmore” (be more) at work. “Bmore with SLA.”

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