SLA 2018 Education Sessions

Below are titles and descriptions of certificate and continuing education classes and education sessions being offered at the SLA 2018 Annual Conference*. Please note: programs on Saturday, June 9, and Sunday, June 10, have an additional cost that is not included in the full conference registration fee.

In addition to the classes and sessions listed below, several special events are being held at SLA 2018. View the titles and descriptions of these events.

*schedule subject to change

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Saturday, June 9
KMKS101. Fundamentals of Knowledge Management and Knowledge Services
INTEL-07. Human Source Intelligence

Sunday, June 10
Library Carpentry: Building Skills for Data Savvy Librarians
Taxonomy 101
EDirect for PubMed: Get the Data You Need
Chemical Information Sources, Requests, and Reference
Introduction to Data Analysis and Visualization with R
KMKS102. The Knowledge Audit: Evaluating Intellectual Capital Use
INTEL-09. Competitive Intelligence Analysis, Intermediate

Monday, June 11
9:00 – 10:00 AM
Not Your Everyday Roundtable: Rocks vs. Sucks
Optimizing Library Services for Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Government Information Preservation on a Shoestring Budget
Reading Between the Lines: Document Delivery Best Practices
Constructing a Strategic Plan: Essential Processes and Components
Reference Requests: Time Management and Expectation-Setting
Discoverability through Digitization: Collaborating with Partners to Yield Success
Practical Applications of Data Analytics to Library Marketing
SLA Contributed Papers
VIPs: Very Important Pests
All Sciences Contributed Papers: Part I
2:15 – 3:30 PM
Regulations and Legislation: The Impact of Government on Intelligence
Emerging Technologies in Government Libraries: 3D Printing, Virtual Reality, and Beyond!
The New Kid on the Block: How Blockchain is Shaking up the Legal and Financial Services Global Neighborhood
Not Just for Fun: Virtual/Augmented Reality
Survival Tips for Transitioning to a Special Library
Best Practices to Foster Leadership Within Your Organization
Conservation, Science, and You: A Look at Conservation Tech
Putting a Frame around STEM Instruction: Lightning Talks on Successful Implementations of the ACRL Framework in STEM Information Literacy Instruction
Math Roundtable
SLA Contributed Papers
Baseball Caucus Session
4:00 – 5:30 PM
Chemistry Resources Update
The ABCs of Emerging Tech in Info Pro Work: AI, Blockchain, and More
Where Do I Start? Fundamentals of CI
Industry Standards for Everyone: Demystifying Technical Standards
The Science of Estuaries
Legal Division Knowledge Cafe
Flight of the Drones: Emerging Uses of Industry-Changing Technology
Cementing Value: Building Relationships
Bringing Culture Back: Managing Unconscious Bias to Strengthen Your Corporate Culture
Quick Take: Keeping Up with the President: Free Sources for New and Archived Executive Orders
Quick Take: Documenting Your Library Success for the Future
Quick Take: You Want Me To Do What? Strategies for Taking On Duties Outside Your Comfort Zone
Best Practices to Secure Leadership Approval for Proposals
Astronomy Roundtable: The Librarian's Guide to the Stars

Tuesday, June 12
9:00 – 10:00 AM
Information Literacy as Smuggled Cargo: Embedding Outcomes using Curriculum Mapping
Going Global: 7 Information Management Considerations to Keep in Mind
Data Rescue: What Is Happening to Environmental Datasets?
The Seven Competencies of Highly Effective Knowledge Managers
The Evolving Global Information Manager: Staying Ahead of the Curve
Secrets to Navigating “Outside the Box” Career Pathways
Building Professional Literacy in Research and Scholarship: Preparing for the Future that is Already Here
The Accidental INTRApreneur: Running an Internal Business When You Just Want to Run Your Library
How to Get Started as a Consultant
Data Management, Data Analysis, and Visualization using Excel
All Sciences Contributed Papers: Part II
DAC-DSSH (MAHD-DSOC) Poster Session
10:30 – 11:30 AM
Don't Get Faked Out by the News: Developing Informed Citizens
Information and Knowledge Services within the Maryland State Law Library
Keys to the Kingdom – Authentication and Access in the 21st Century
How to Effectively Manage a Remote Workforce: Dos and Don’ts
Fewer Workers, Less Food: Immigration Policy Changes and Their Effects on Food Supply
Add Web Archiving To Your Skill Set: What You Need To Know
Lessons Learned from Developing a Strategic Plan for a Special Library
Forming Focused Research Questions with PICO
Into the Great Wide Open: Mapping One's Skills to the Ever-Evolving World of Librarianship
New Approaches to ROI: How to Talk About the Value of Information
Polish Your Web Portal and Promote Your Library with These 20 Pro Tips (or, Take 20 of These and Call Me When People Start Knocking on Your Door)
Quick Take: Investigating the Information Habits and Needs of Practicing Engineers and University Students
Quick Take: Library Return-on-Investment: Collaborating with Research Administration to Develop a Model for the Health Sciences Library in Support of Research
3:30 – 5:00 PM
Best Practices and Strategies for Vendor Negotiation
Relevant Issues: Academic Librarianship Roundtable
Data Management Planning: Case Studies
The Future of CI: What Does Tomorrow Hold?
Standards Update
Marketing As If Your Special Library Depends On It
Tracking Technology Trends: Staying Current in a World of Information Overload
In the Eye of the Storm: Librarians Share Their Emergency Lessons
Innovation through Integration: Government Libraries Incorporating Researchers' Needs while Upholding the Agency Mission
New Ideas in Physics, Astronomy, and Mathematics Publishing, Collections, and Services
Quick Take: Advocating Information Systems and Practices: A 20-Month Journey of Buy-in, Trust, and Implementation
Quick Take: Bending, Not Snapping: Rubber Band Management
Quick Take: Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Lessons Learned from Systematic Review Research Projects

Wednesday, June 13
9:00 – 10:00 AM
Information Management Lessons from Inside the Great Firewall
Make it Meaningful: Motivate the Multitasker and Get Students to Engage in Online Environments
It is Easy Being Green: Case Studies in Facilities, Programming, and Partnerships in Green Libraries
Tell Your Story Well: How Embedded Librarians Demonstrate and Communicate Their Value
Getting the Goods: Finding Corporate Registries and Navigating Them for Valuable Information
Open Access Publishing: Where Is It Headed?
Collection Development for the Special Librarian (Lightning Talks)
Using Taxonomy to Drive Personalization: Aligning User Interests and Content
Designing for Accessibility
Making it Work: Fostering Learning Networks to Amplify the Impact of the Information Hub
Quick Take: Why CI? Metrics and Best Practices to Demonstrate the Value of Intelligence Work
Top 10 Tips for Online Competitive Intelligence

10:15 – 11:30 AM
It’s Not How Loudly You Speak—It’s Who Listens: How to Get Your Voice Heard at the Top of Your Organization
CI Across Industries: Defining 'Intelligence' and its Output
From Hype to Impact: Long-Term Retrospective of 3D Printing Services in Three Special Libraries
Edible Pharmacopoeia: Culinary Herbs/Spices and Health
Strategies for Career Growth in Government Libraries
Quantifying Sci-Hub’s Illegal Grip on Scholarly Research
Choosing Your Partner: Strategic Choices for Embedded Librarians
Oh, The Places an MLIS Will Take You! Speed Dating with Job Possibilities
Moving On Up? Determining Whether Management Is for You
Good, Bad, & Ugly Germs: Perspectives on the Centennial Remembrance of the 1918 Influenza Pandemic
Let’s Get the Story Straight: How to Communicate Science Effectively (Physics Roundtable)
1:30 – 2:30 PM
It’s a Microbiota World After All: Examining the Scope of Microbiome Research
Publishing in Engineering: What You Should Know About the Newest Formats
A Name By Any Other Name – Persistent Identifier Best Practices
Solo Success Stories: Best Practices for Dealing With Non-Traditional Library Projects
Climate Change Resources: 14 Sites in 60 Minutes
The Information Professionals’ Role in Diversity and Inclusion: Supporting Transgender Employees
Affordability and Libraries' Role in Course Content
Same Metrics, Different Stories: Bibliometrics as Patron Service and as Collection Development Tool
3D Printing: Bringing Manufacturing Devices/Diagnostics into the Future Today
Learn Library Marketing Basics in an Hour!

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