Why do SLA members attend the Leadership Symposium? Read what past attendees had to say.

The hive mind is real and true at SLA. As we shared challenges and success stories, I both gained new ideas and could contribute to other people’s success. The discussion moments and table topics were highly productive.

Rebecca Brizi, Outsourced Strategic Development, SLA GA


Where else could I go to meet, interact with and learn from so many top leaders in my profession in a small, intimate setting?

Mary Talley, Director, Library Services, ZAI


The SLA Leadership Symposium was worth every investment of time and resources. Walking away with different methodologies and mental models gave me something to apply the moment I was back at my desk.

JP Ratajczak, Director, Intelligence Systems, Aurora WDC


The SLA Leadership Symposium provided a great opportunity to hear from peers on how they lead change in their organizations. Looking forward to next year’s gathering.

Mehmed Ali, Director, Air University Library


Sharing time and space networking with like-minded SLA leaders was energizing and informative. Best way to learn about the inner workings of the association and its challenges and new directions.

– Janet Cooper Weiss President, New Jersey Chapter Member, SLA Hall of Fame

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