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As leaders who power the information industry forward, SLA’s partners have unique expertise and insight that will help information professionals become indispensable.

  • How do you most effectively turn information into insight?
  • How can you most effectively leverage digital content?
  • What semantic technologies are information professionals adapting to thrive?

Thanks to our valued sponsors, all these topics and more will be brought to SLA members via Webinars included with SLA membership.

[wpspoiler name=”Special Post-Conference SLA Exhibitor Webinar: Maximizing Your Role in Big Data” ]The digitization of data and the advent of modern content management technologies offer end-users many more channels to access information than ever before.

Big Data is undoubtedly a hot topic—but what does it mean for information professionals like you?

Navigating your role in this new world of data, text mining, and analytics can be overwhelming. It is becoming increasingly important to understand Big Data and its relevance to your professional responsibilities and goals.

SLA is proud to offer access to a special recorded Webinar, presented by SLA exhibitor Dow Jones. This Webinar was presented live on July 26, and we are excited to now release the recording so that you can view it when it’s most convenient for you to do so.

In this Webinar Ezra Duong-Van, Data and Analytics Specialist, and Thani Sokka, Head of Architecture, share:

• Advantages of data mining news: Learn how to find hidden relationships between thousands of news articles.
• Specific use cases and examples: Get inspired to start your own project.
• Six things you need to know: Keep a checklist of key considerations to keep in mind as you kick of your next Big Data initiative.

Watch the recorded Webinar and get ready to learn more about Big Data and how it relates to you.

Sponsored by: Dow Jones

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[wpspoiler name=”SLA Exhibitor Preview: Librarian 2.0 – Using Cognitive Technology to Organize Knowledge in the Library and Beyond” ]The digitization of data and the advent of modern content management technologies offer end-users many more channels to access information than ever before.

But, in this broader environment—in which resources live within but also extend beyond the library—the ability to efficiently organize and deliver knowledge, a practice traditionally held by librarians, has become increasingly challenging.

To find strategies to address these concerns and more, SLA is proud to offer access to a special recorded Webinar, presented by SLA 2016 exhibitor, Expert System. This Webinar was presented live on June 2, 2016, and we are excited to now release the recording so that you can view it when it’s most convenient for you to do so.

In this Webinar you will gain a new perspective and maybe even a new plan of attack for your biggest headache at work:

• How does cognitive technology enable librarians to apply their expertise in organizing knowledge?
• What opportunities does this technology create for me outside of the library?
• What solutions does Expert System offer to address these challenges and opportunities?

Watch the recorded Webinar prepared to learn more about semantics, metadata, and uncover your hidden content to help tackle your most perplexing puzzles.


Sponsored by: Expert System

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[wpspoiler name=”SLA Exhibitor Preview: Inspec Case Studies” ]During this presentation Dr. Charles Martinez, IET Inspec product manager, will review the dynamic features of the Inspec database, plus showcase best practices and case studies on how to use the database specifically for:

  • Retrieving multidisciplinary research;
  • Prior art searching; and
  • Making the most out of indexing.

Dr. Martinez will also demonstrate how the Inspec database drives research and innovation through its depth and breadth of content and coverage and ease of access. He will also touch on why the Inspec database has remained the research tool of choice of amongst the leading scientific universities, companies and government agencies throughout the world.


Sponsored by: The IET



[wpspoiler name=”SLA PartnerTalk: 5 Strategies for Showing Your Value to the C-Suite” ]Modern information professionals need to be agile, proactive and visible in the enterprise. This SLA PartnerTalk, sponsored by LexisNexis, will help you show how critical your work is to your organization’s bottom line. Learn to—

1. Demonstrate how you can add value in ways they might not expect;
2. Understand your customers and how best to communicate with them;
3. Make the best use of your time;
4. Present your work with confidence; and
5. Help your organization’s executives manage information overload.


Sponsored by: LexisNexis

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[wpspoiler name=”SLA PartnerTalk: Social Media in the Library: Discovering Best Practice” ]The ways social media tools are selected and used in the library change regularly in an evolving digital and social climate.  With so many tools available, multiple uses, and many librarians making use of these tools in their libraries, Taylor & Francis has produced a white paper that analyzes the challenges and opportunities presented by social media as a communications tool in the library. The white paper considers social media use in the library, the most useful social media tools, and the best applications of these tools in a library setting.

Use of Social Media by the Library: Current Practices and Future Opportunities is based on findings from focus groups in the U.K., the U.S. and India, in-depth telephone interviews, a Twitter party, and an extensive survey. Taylor & Francis looks forward to sharing its research findings with SLA members, including recommendations for best practices, with clear action points for implementation in a library setting.


Sponsored by: Taylor & Francis

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[wpspoiler name=”SLA Exhibitor Preview: Engineering and Technology Video – The Big Picture – A Review of” ]In this presentation, Mark Reynard will review, the leading academic streaming video service in the field of engineering and technology that offers a curated collection of over 6,500 original engineering and technology videos. He will discuss the 18-month project to re-launch the service and platform, as well as how connects educators and researchers to the largest online resource of engineering and technology content available on the Internet. In addition, he’ll share how content from can serve as a rich source of teaching and coursework material for lectures. Specialized video presentations available on will also be showcased, including–

  • lectures and presentations from all major IET technical conferences and events;
  • seminars from select universities and research institutions worldwide;
  • interviews with leading experts from industry and academia; and
  • bite-sized content including news and product demonstrations and showcases.

Sponsored by: The IET

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[wpspoiler name=”Are You Finding the Skeletons in Their Closet?” ]It seems like every day brings another company’s nightmare to life. Locating reputational, financial distress, non-compliance and regulatory risks has grown from a nice idea to an absolute necessity for companies, financial institutions, and supply management organizations. With your research and content competencies and skills, information professionals are a natural fit for conducting diligence research.

Join us to discuss and the growing demand for diligence research and how information professionals can play a part. This session will cover–

  • What diligence research is;
  • Why diligence research is relevant to you;
  • How information professionals play a strong role in diligence research; and
  • How to conduct diligence research using Lexis Diligence.

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LexisNexis is proud to work with information professionals in all disciplines and organizations, and is delighted to sponsor this webinar.


Sponsored by: LexisNexis

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[wpspoiler name=”Providing Value with Media Content Analysis” ]Media content analysis is not just for Public Relations and Marketing anymore.  With an increasing number of media sources and news information, just keeping up with news related to your industry is no longer enough. The real story lies beyond the analysis. Trends in coverage of topics, brands, companies and industries can be even more insightful and valuable to an organization. Media analysis can be daunting, especially without the tools to enable information professionals to analyze large data sets.

This session will cover:
•    What is media content analysis and why is understanding it important to information professionals
•    How to successfully use media analysis to enhance your research
•    What insights can be gained from media analysis
•    Examples of how Nexis Analyzer can help identify trends with media analysis


Danielle Francis, MLS
Corporate Solutions Consultant

Sponsored by: LexisNexis

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[wpspoiler name=”Modern Scientific Advances and  Innovations: A Focus on Space, Transport and 3D Printing” ] Join your SLA colleagues on September 23 to learn about the Rosetta Comet mission, the future of transportation (driverless cars and space travel), and 3D printing.

Dr. Chris Marker will discuss these and other hot topics in science, engineering and technology during our next SLA PartnerTalk.   Dr. Marker will also demonstrate how the Inspec database drives research and innovation through its depth and breadth of content and ease of access. He will show how, through careful selection and categorization of relevant information, Inspec allows researchers to drill down and retrieve specific information quickly and efficiently. In addition, he will showcase why the Inspec database has been the research tool of choice of the world’s leading universities, companies and government agencies.


Sponsored by: IET Inspec

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[wpspoiler name=”IHS Better Decisions Faster with Single Source Reference” ] [/wpspoiler] Presented by: IHS

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[wpspoiler name=”Psychological science: Innovations in the dissemination of information” ]Aime Ballard-Wood, Director of Publications for the Association for Psychological Science, discusses recent efforts for heightened dissemination of psychological science research involving APS’s journals, the Open Science Framework, and Wikipedia.

Each of these efforts illustrates APS’s dedication to finding new ways to leverage technological advances to improve research practices and disseminate science:

  • The journal Psychological Science has implemented new guidelines to promote robust research and encourage transparency through practices that include data and material sharing and preregistration of study design.
  • Perspectives on Psychological Science has introduced Registered Replication Reports, a new type of article that presents the results of multicenter replication studies facilitated by the Open Science Framework, an open-source software project enabling open collaboration in scientific research.
  • APS’s Wikipedia Initiative is enlisting experts and their students to deploy the power of Wikipedia to represent scientific psychology as fully and as accurately as possible and thereby promote the free teaching of psychology worldwide.

Sponsored by: SAGE

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[wpspoiler name=”The Current State of Reference” ]How has the rapid evolution of digital tools and information access changed the reference landscape? What will reference look like in 2, 5, and 10 years?

Featuring Elisabeth Leonard, Market Research Analyst for SAGE.

Elisabeth will delve into the current state of reference today, and unveil the results of a SAGE study in North American special and academic libraries about numerous high-impact factors and challenges facing the information industry, including:

  • perceived level of awareness of information sources among patrons
  • reference budgets and budget challenges
  • the use of fee-based and free reference sources
  • factors that influence the purchase of reference produces
  • challenges facing the reference publishing industry
  • preference for electronic and/or print
[/wpspoiler] Sponsored by: SAGE

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[wpspoiler name=”IHS Knowledge Collections Webinar” ]Companies invest lots of money in tools and information subscriptions to satisfy growing knowledge demands from researchers, engineers and other technical professionals. Pressures on the library are intensifying to get more information with less investment while trying to respond to knowledge transfer challenges. And yet, utilization of these various sources is often sub-par.

The IHS Knowledge Collections address these key challenges head on, giving companies access to more than 90 million technical documents including eBooks, standards, patents, articles, research reports, monographs and more – all in a single place. Researchers are now able to discover real answers to tough technical questions from deep within these documents using the semantic search technology of IHS Goldfire.

In this complimentary webinar, you will learn how IHS Knowledge Collections and the unique search capabilities of IHS Goldfire® help companies increase utilization of technical content subscriptions, consolidate spend on disparate subscription sources, and get answers to real technical questions to drive innovation forward.


Chad Hawkinson, Vice President, Product Design, IHS
Raj Radhakrishnan, Sr. Product Manager, Product Design, IHS
Susan Hankins, Director Product Design, Subject Matter Expert IHS

This SLA PartnerTalk is free for SLA members thanks to our sponsor, IHS.[/wpspoiler] Presented by: IHS

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[wpspoiler name=”Turning Information into Insight: How Info Pros can Communicate Value and Leverage Digital Content” ]Are your end-users still searching for business-critical information on the open web? If so, this webinar can help you encourage changes in their search behavior – and increase the value of your information services across your organization.

Speaker Mary Ellen Bates will teach you how to build “information dissatisfaction” with what’s available on free, public search engines, and offer a “dare to compare” challenge to end users who rush to Google to do important research. You’ll learn to use premium search tools to produce more professional-looking, higher value deliverables, and how to make this added value visible to clients. And finally, you’ll come away with concrete ideas for simple collateral you can use to ensure your value is demonstrated – not only to your end-users, but also your organization’s key decision-makers.

You’ll also receive a copy of Mary Ellen’s upcoming white paper on this topic.

This SLA PartnerTalk is free for SLA members thanks to our sponsor, ProQuest. [/wpspoiler] Presented by: ProQuest

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[wpspoiler name=”Searching Beyond Google: Tools for More Efficient Research”]

Online search is a critical component of R&D.

But with so many options, where should scientists, engineers and analysts go to find the right information?

Speaker Mary Ellen Bates provides a comparison of free vs. premium information sources, the pros and cons of each, and how to get the most value out of your search during this January 28th SLA PartnerTalk.

This Webinar replay is free to SLA members and will help you understand:

  • What resources you can find for free on the web
  • When and how to explore premium information sources
  • The difference between finding information and finding answers
  • Tips for more strategic searching
  • How to recognize when you should consult an information professional

Also download Mary Ellen’s free whitepaper: Moving Beyond Google: Why and When to Go Pro.[/wpspoiler]

Presented by: ProQuest

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