Become a CI Supersleuth (No Spy Cam Required)

The term competitive intelligence may conjure up images of breaking into offices in the middle of the night or hacking into corporate databases, but if your idea of sleuthing doesn’t involve dressing in black from head to toe or outwitting the latest cyber-security programs, be sure to catch Zena Applebaum and Michel Bernaiche as they present “Strategic and Tactical CI for Decision Support” at the SLA 2015 Annual Conference & INFO-EXPO.


Michel, formerly the senior manager of competitive intelligence for Dunkin’ Brands and now the director of program development at Aurora WDC, is experienced in developing competitive intelligence capabilities for Fortune 500 companies in a variety of markets. Zena, director of competitive intelligence at Bennett Jones LLP and chair of SLA’s Competitive Intelligence Division, excels at combining internal data with distilled external information to inform her firm’s practice and business development, competitive position, client relationship management, and marketing efforts.


“Competitive intelligence is not corporate espionage,” Zena says. “Our toolbox doesn’t include spy cams, ejecting cars or self-destructing notices, nor do we wear trench coats and fedoras. But competitive intelligence does play an integral role in forming corporate strategy and producing action-ready insights. Information parity will continue to grow, so you need to learn how to transform your skill set to support executive decision making, both strategically and tactically. This will make you the intelligence and information superhero in your organization.”

Register now for SLA 2015 and find out from Michel and Zena how to indulge your inner detective.

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