Tasks for Modern Info Pros: An Ongoing Discussion


Almost a year ago, SLA published The Evolving Value of Information Management, a report summarizing the results of research commissioned by SLA and the Financial Times. The study, based on surveys of and interviews with information professionals and senior information users, identified essential attributes for modern information professionals, including communicating value and providing decision-ready information.

The report also issued a strong call to action through a list of 12 tasks for modern information professionals. These tasks outline the actions and success factors needed to engage in a new way with clients and constituencies.

My travels as SLA’s president over the past several months have confirmed to me the value of these attributes and tasks. I’ve found that showing value, communicating with users, and outgoogling Google are the key challenges facing information professionals across the globe. The SLA/Financial Times report, besides being an excellent read, provides a framework for addressing these challenges.

Today, I am delighted to announce the start of an ongoing discussion, conducted through a series of posts to the SLA Blog, that will explore these 12 tasks in more detail. SLA members will share anecdotes, experiences and “how-to” suggestions about successful implementation. The series will build on and complement many of the ideas shared in the recent #SLAtalk Twitter chat, “Become a Crucial Associate—Tasks for Modern Info Pros.”

The series will start in November and run through early December, then pick up again around the time of the Leadership Summit in mid-January 2015. I am looking forward to a lively exchange of ideas, and your contributions are welcome. If you would like to write a post, please contact Stuart Hales.

You’ll want to reference the report as the blog series progresses, so if you haven’t already downloaded the report, you can get your copy here. It is free to SLA members.

— Kate Arnold, SLA 2014 President

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