Call for nominations: Best New Orleans Restaurants

The worst-kept secret about New Orleans is that it has some of the best restaurants anywhere.  Those of us who love the Crescent City positively agonize about where we will eat every meal; after all, there are only so many meals in a day to enjoy!

If you love New Orleans, please help by nominating your favorite restaurants in any or all of the following categories:

1. Best bet for a splurge
2. Cheap eats
3. Best traditional New Orleans fare
4. Best nouvelle New Orleans fare
6. Quick eats near the Convention Center
7. Best po boy
8. You can't leave New Orleans without eating here…

Results will be compiled and shared with those attending SLA 2010, 13-16 June.  If you haven't yet registered, do it today.  You don't want to miss a meal . . . um, I mean session!

Please e-mail your nominations to Maura Kennedy (

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9 responses to “Call for nominations: Best New Orleans Restaurants”

  1. MHowkins says:

    I don’t know if Mother’s is still there, but when I lived in NOLA in the 80’s, it was THE place for breakfast.

  2. J Stevens says:


  3. Perry Onderdonk says:

    Court of Two Sisters in the Quarter.

  4. Ellen says:

    I tried to get ones downtown and near the convention center (hence no Domilise’s or Frankie & Johnny’s)
    Cheap/Quick eats near the convention center – Mothers
    Irene’s Cuisine (get reservations!) 539 Saint Philip St
    Traditional NOLA – splurge
    Port of Call 838 Esplanade
    (yes I am originally from NOLA and am very much looking forward to this conference)

  5. John Crosby says:

    Cafe du Monde for Begnets and Chickory Coffee… I can smell them right now! Thanks to Doug Newcomb for introducing me to them.

  6. Mandy Smith says:

    Emeril Lagasse’s NOLA Restaurant on Saint Louis Street.

  7. David Sweet says:

    Breakfast at Brennan’s can’t be beat!
    Restaurant August or Aranud’s are best in NOLA!!

  8. Joanna says:

    former New Orleanian here…
    1. Best bet for a splurge: Mr. B’s, Irene’s, Bacco–all in the french quarter
    2. Cheap eats: Fiorella’s in the quarter, Nino’s on Carrolton, Five Happiness also on Carrolton, Zea on St. Charles
    3. Best traditional New Orleans fare: Mother’s. Also a relatively short walk from the convention center.
    4. Best nouvelle New Orleans fare: Palace Cafe–get the Shrimp Tchefuncte for an entree, start with the crawfish cheesecake, and finish up with either the white chocolate bread pudding or bananas foster.
    6. Quick eats near the Convention Center: Redeye for burgers
    7. Best po boy: Guy’s on Magazine
    8. You can’t leave New Orleans without eating here…the chargrilled oysters at Drago’s. Lucky for y’all, there’s now one in the Hilton Riverside, a quick walk up from the Convention Center. Also highly recommend Lola’s on Esplanade near the fairgrounds.

  9. Nan Schubel says:

    Gotta go to Bayona, but you better reserve NOW.

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