Can YOU share your experience with the upcoming SLA Hot Topic Session Subjects?

SLA 2010, 13-16 June, provides hundreds of learning opportunities for attendees, and here are some you will not want to miss. Open to all attendees are the Hot Topic Sessions, 90-minute opportunities to look at hot information industry trends.

Whether  it’s mobile information, sharing info globally, taxonomy and search or new content offerings, SLA members have a wealth of experience to share. Please tell us your story about how your experiences relate to these upcoming SLA 2010 Hot Topic sessions:

SLA Hot Topic: Scientific Publishing and the Mobile Revolution
Sponsored by Springer, Monday, 06/14/2010 10:00AM -11:30AM
With the iPhone and iPod touch, Kindle, eReaders and now the iPad being used in business, this session will focus on the Mobile Revolution and provide an overview of market trends, analysis of the impact on scientific publishers, and an insight into mobile strategy.

SLA Hot Topic: Global Information Sharing—A Dream Come True
Sponsored by Copyright Clearance Center, Monday, 06/14/2010 2:00PM – 3:30PM
In a "Beyond the Book" episode ( from Copyright Clearance Center last year, SLA members Dennie Heye of Shell in the Netherlands and Stephen Kizza in Kampala, Uganda,  and others worked together to supply Kizza’s remote library with online resources and raised funds to bring Kizza to New Orleans for the 2010 SLA conference.

SLA Hot Topic: Does Taxonomy Matter in a New World of Search and Discovery?
Sponsored by ProQuest & Dialog,Tuesday, 06/15/2010 10:00AM -11:30AM
Info Pros and librarians rely on classification and controlled vocabularies to aid precision search, and A&I publishers make investments in indexing and thesauri to add value to their products. This session will look at the current state of the industry and explore the future outlook for blending taxonomy and other tools in the new world of search.

SLA Hot Topic: Discovering Insights and Ideas through Alternate Content Channels
Sponsored by LexisNexis Tuesday, 06/15/2010 2:00PM – 3:30PM
Info Pros can often be overwhelmed by daily work to master new content offerings.  This session will focus on generating insights and ideas from alternate content sets and expanding competencies in utilizing unfamiliar data to better differentiate your information services and assume responsibility for higher value info products.

Share your experiences! Be sure to register for SLA 2010 to attend these sessions for FREE and comment below to share how these topics  affect your professional life.

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