Candidate Question 3 – Gadgets

Question #3: What is the newest “techie” gadget that you have/would like to have, and how do/would you use it to improve the work relationship that you have with your primary clientele?

Joy M. Banks, Candidate for Chapter Cabinet Chair-Elect


My husband and I recently purchased our first tablet. If anyone read my FutureReady365 post, you’ll remember I have a “stupid” phone, so this is really my first foray into mobile technology. The tablet was purchased for home use, although I am looking forward to bringing it to conferences rather than lugging around my laptop. In exploring this new technology for the first time, I found that I am not a big fan of how abbreviated mobile display is. I am the type of person who likes to see it all, all the time, at first click.


My primary clientele is a tricky thing to define. My library and archives are closed to the public (I am in the tower of Bok Tower Gardens). Most of the reference questions I get are over the phone or via email, and only very rarely are the requests of any urgency. I also deal with an international patron base since most of the carillons in the world are in Europe. While in the Tower, live interaction with people is uncommon for me (I prefer if you picture Rapunzel rather than Quasimodo). The isolation would seem to lend itself to mobile technologies and apps, but I haven’t really found that to be the case.


The most recent “techie” gadget that I purchased for the library is a new scanner so we can start more productive digitization projects. It’s not very flashy, and it’s certainly not new technology; however, I am extremely excited about how I can expand the reach of our collections through its use. The more I can do to streamline the procedures we are developing to get the materials to my patrons faster, the better service I can provide. In moving forward, though, I must constantly remain aware of the technical abilities of my users so that I don’t isolate important user groups. Give me some reliable internet access, a phone that works, and electricity to keep everything running, and I can give you an outstanding library experience. I know there are those out there who do just that with even less.


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2 responses to “Candidate Question 3 – Gadgets”

  1. Kama says:

    I predict you will LOVE having your iPad at #SLAChicago – I brought mine for the first time to Philly and couldn’t have been happier!

  2. Joy Banks says:

    Thanks, Kama. I couldn’t even imagine lugging my laptop around another year. We actually got a Toshiba Thrive (unfortunately, an iPad was not in our budget). I’m hoping I’ll have it all figured out by July 🙂

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