SLA Sandbox: A Safe Place to Learn & Grow – Jill Strand, President-Elect Candidate

Minnesota Chapter members gathered to celebrate their 70th Anniversary this month, recognizing more than 20 past-presidents from the last 40 years.  It was great to hear stories from those who […] Read More »

How has involvement with SLA over the years helped you grow professionally and personally? Bethan Ruddock, candidate for Director

When I joined SLA, I was very much a new professional. I’d been out of library school and working in my first professional post for less than a year, and […] Read More »

Career advice for new and seasoned information professionals — Valerie Perry, Candidate for Director

Candidate Question #3: What sort of advice would you give to professionals, both newly minted and more seasoned professionals, who might be interested in non-traditional career paths? I am Valerie […] Read More »

It’s in the DNA – how SLA has helped my career – James King, Chapter Cabinet Chair candidate

SLA has helped and encouraged me to tune into the future of our profession.  As a result, I’ve come to the conclusion that we must learn to innovate to survive.  […] Read More »

Question 4: How has SLA helped me grow professionally? Moy McIntosh, Candidate for Director

My name is Moy McIntosh and I’m running for Director. When I was first entering the profession SLA was great because with the diverse group of careers held by our […] Read More »

How has involvement with SLA over the years helped you grow professionally and personally? — Juliane Schneider, Candidate for Div. Cab. Chair-Elect

My name is Juliane Schneider and I’m a candidate for Division Cabinet Chair-Elect. Considering that my first interaction with SLA was them giving me money via a travel grant to […] Read More »

How SLA has helped me throughout my career – Valerie Ryder, Chapter Cabinet Chair-Elect

Question 4: How has involvement with SLA over the years helped you grow professionally and personally? Valerie Ryder, Candidate for Chapter Cabinet Chair-Elect Throughout my career, SLA has been my […] Read More »

Advice for those investigating non-traditional career paths — Juliane Schneider, Candidate for Div. Cab. Chair-Elect

Thanks to the commenter who pointed out that I forgot to say who wrote this – I’m Juliane Schneider, Candidate for Division Chair-Elect! This question poses two challenges: first, find […] Read More »

What changes do we need to keep the annual conference as a vibrant, well attended event? Question 2 for Division Cabinet Chair Candidates – Pam Enrici

This is from Pam Enrici, running for Division Cabinet Chair.  I’ve done division programming three times and these are my observations from over the years. Programming In my estimation programming needs […] Read More »

Thoughts on non-traditional career paths – aka “Innovate or Die!” – James King, Chapter Cabinet Chair candidate

As a poster child for a non-traditional path into librarianship, I firmly believe that our profession is full of information professionals who do not fall under the stereotype of librarian. […] Read More »

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