What changes, if any, do we need to make to keep annual conference as a vibrant, well attended event? – Candidate blog post

Bethan Ruddock, Candidate for Director Attending the SLA Conference is a highlight of my year. Informative sessions, thought-provoking discussions, fun social events, and the chance to be around hundreds of […] Read More »

Question 2: What changes do we need to make to keep the annual conference a vibrant well attended event? Moy McIntosh, Candidate for Director

I’m running for Director and my name is Moy McIntosh. What changes would I make to the conference? There really isn’t much I’d change about the conference, it’s excitement is […] Read More »

Why I joined SLA — Valerie Perry, Candidate for Director

Candidate Question #1: When did you first join SLA? What made you decide to join then, and why do you still belong today? I am Valerie Perry and I am […] Read More »

SLA Conferences of the 21st Century – Valerie Ryder, Chapter Cabinet Chair-Elect Candidate

Question 2: What changes, if any, do we need to make to keep annual conference as a vibrant, well-attended event? Valerie Ryder, Candidate for Chapter Cabinet Chair-Elect One of the […] Read More »

How do we keep Annual rocking on? — Juliane Schneider, Candidate for Div. Cab. Chair-Elect

Hey there, this is Juliane Schneider, Division Chair candidate, and I’m showing up to belatedly answer the question in the subject line. There are two things I’d like to see […] Read More »

Why I joined SLA or Why I never thought I’d be a librarian – James King, Chapter Cabinet Chair candidate

As a Navy “brat” from birth, I learned adaptability and flexibility following my dad from base-to-base-to-base. In college, I decided to venture into the new field of computer graphics and opted […] Read More »

When did you first join SLA? What made you decide to join then, and why do you still belong today? Tony Landolt, Candiate for Director

      I first joined the San Francisco chapter of SLA in the early 90’s in order to network.   I initially joined to make business contacts.  I soon found […] Read More »

Meet SLA’s 2014 Board of Directors candidates

Leading up to the election this fall (autumn or spring depending on which part of the world you’re in) there will be a variety of opportunities to get to know […] Read More »

SLA: I came, I saw, I learned, I stayed – Jill Strand, Candidate for President-Elect

“I have come home at last! This is my real country! I belong here. This is the land I have been looking for all my life, though I never knew […] Read More »

Why I joined SLA and why I still belong (Question 1 for 2013 Candidates)

I’m Valerie Ryder, and I am a Candidate for Chapter Cabinet Chair-Elect. I first joined SLA in 1971 because SLA Fellow Mary Vasilakis told me to!  Mary hired me as […] Read More »

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