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Updated June 2021

What is the process for SLA Annual Conference Awards, Stipends, and Scholarships?

Please note the below process applies to awards, stipends and scholarships which have been granted by your community in 2018 and 2019 and therefore automatically approved. New requests must be submitted to SLA for approval by the New Initiatives Review Advisory Council, which will meet on a monthly basis.

2020 Community Awards can be used towards 2020, 2021, or 2022 conference registration (and travel/hotel for 2022). Communities should let SLA know about all awards including awardee names, contact details, and award amounts through the expense request form.  Awards can also include SLA membership ($220 value for full individual members and $10 value for student membership). The value of the membership should be considered part of the total award amount.

SLA Community Awards can include or be used towards SLA programming and related expenses only. For items such as conference registration, ticketed events (when applicable), hotel stays in the SLA Annual Conference room block, or SLA membership, these will be handled by SLA directly (see below for details) and the amount will be deducted from that person’s award total. For travel to an SLA Annual Conference, SLA will process a reimbursement for the awardee based on receipts submitted up to the amount available in their award total.

  • Getting Started: Communities who have granted an award, stipend, or scholarship for an SLA conference should fill out the SLA Community Expense Request Form and select Payment for Award/Scholarship (training video here). There will be a place to indicate to whom the award was granted, the amount, and what it will cover (registration, hotel, travel, etc).
  • For awards funded by a sponsor, please also fill out a sponsorship form and send to Jordan Burghardt,
  • Conference Registration: SLA will contact the recipient directly to coordinate their conference registration and cover that cost directly rather than reimburse the recipient. The recipient will be provided a registration code so that they will not be charged for their registration and SLA will deduct the registration cost from the total award amount.
  • Hotel Accommodations: Recipients should book their room in the SLA room block and SLA will provide payment to the hotel directly rather than reimburse the recipient. SLA will not provide reimbursement for accommodations outside of the SLA room block.
  • Travel Reimbursement: The recipient should book their own flight or travel and submit the cost for reimbursement through the Community Expense Request Form. The recipient will only need to upload a W-9 for their travel reimbursement if the amount left in their award/stipend after hotel and registration costs are deducted is still higher than $600.

How will Program and Event registrations be handled going forward?

SLA feels strongly that communities should continue to host programs and events as it has been doing. If a community has been hosting a conference or networking event on an annual basis, we encourage you to continue in this manner.

Below are some additional details on the types of events and the recommended systems to use based on the event type and if a registration fee for the event is required. All events will be managed electronically including payments and registrations. No cash is accepted onsite at events.

In-person Programs & Events:

  • For communities hosting events with more than 100 anticipated attendees

In this case, SLA will process the event through its database, Clear Vantage, and provide a registration link for promotion. SLA recommends a fee be charged for events of this size due to the more involved planning and likely increased expenses. Revenue for these events will automatically be tied to the SLA bank account.

  • For communities hosting events with less than 100 anticipated attendees

The community is responsible for complete set-up and management of the registration system and process. All in-person community events with less than 100 attendees (free or paid) should be managed through the SLA EventBrite account. For upcoming events, community members should contact to be set up as a subuser of the SLA account. Once the subuser account is set up for that community, it can be used to create and fully manage events. All events with paid tickets will be tied to the SLA bank account.

EventBrite charges a small fee of $1.59 + 3.5% per tickets with fees. This cost should be absorbed by the attendees when they purchase a ticket and can be taken into account when communities set the price of tickets. We recommend communities advertise ticket costs with the fee included so that attendees are aware of the full registration price. There is nofee to host registration for free events.

Virtual Programs & Events:

  • For communities hosting virtual events with more than 100 anticipated attendees.

Please reach out to SLA staff to coordinate your event. It’s recommended that for an event of that size that a fee be charged for the event. Please contact

  • For communities hosting virtual events with less than 100 anticipated attendees

Registration for virtual social events can be managed on EventBrite if free or paid, or by using the registration feature in Zoom Meeting (no cost events only).

Virtual educational programs should be held on the SLA Zoom account, and the recording then subsequently hosted on the Learning Hub. Registration for these activities can also be managed through the Learning Hub. Further training on these items is coming Summer 2021. In the meantime, communities may submit upcoming virtual events using this form.

What are the guidelines for new events? Will there be times when SLA will refuse to fund a new event?
SLA has created a Community New Initiatives Review Advisory Council which will be responsible for reviewing new community initiatives (events, research, white papers, publications, etc.) that have not been previously provided by communities. New events/initiatives can be submitted here and will be reviewed on a monthly basis by the Advisory Council. 

What happens to Option 1 and 2 as related to the SLA Annual Conference?

Community events will continue at the Annual Conference. All communities will move under Option 2, in which SLA ensures the community event will happen, covering all expenses and securing sponsorship for the event. As has been the case in 2018 and 2019, even if sponsorship is not secured, the community event at the Annual Conference will still take place.

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