Connect, Collaborate and Strategize for Your Best SLA Annual Conference

The theme of SLA 2013 is Connect, Collaborate, Strategize. Use that directive as your roadmap when you arrive in San Diego!

Connect with–

  • colleagues with whom you can share your challenges and successes
  • your favorite publishers, digital content providers, data warehouse companies, and library automation companies, as well as newly-discovered ones, in the INFO-EXPO
  • your inner geek, some hardcore technologies, and a widget or two
  • library ninjas, experts offering career advice, authors of contributed papers, and many more speakers who can help you demonstrate your value to management and clients
  • fellow attendees at the fabulous parties and receptions


  • colleagues at Division meetings to help move your Division toward the future
  • attendees in CE courses that explore copyright, sales calls, taxonomies, social media, CI and many other topics
  • SLA as you consider a volunteer role for a unit or the HQ board
  • the many students and first-timers that attend conference so you can share your conference tips and continue to network with them after returning home from San Diego


  • the future of our Association by taking the time to share your opinions and dreams with an SLA Board member
  • new ways to help your Division or Chapter bring top-notch programming to its members
  • how you can best be a leader to the members of the Association
  • what leadership training you need to help you succeed in your career

There are many opportunities at SLA 2013 to learn and network. Check out the online planner to design your conference experience.

See you there!

Sara Davis

2013 Annual Conference Advisory Council member

Engineering Division member

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