Contributed Papers at SLA 2011

Do you want to learn more about your fellow SLA members’ successes in the workplace? Do you want to know how they are becoming “Future Ready”? Then be sure to attend at least one of the three Contributed Papers sessions at SLA 2011 in Philadelphia.

Contributed Papers give SLA members an excellent opportunity to showcase their research and scholarship, and attendees will take away many exciting, innovative ideas that they can use in their own workplaces. In Philadelphia, the topics will relate to the conference theme of “Future Ready” and to at least one of the three sub-themes: communicating value through strategic alignment, leveraging technology for innovation, and using knowledge sharing to encourage collaboration.

This year’s paper topics and their presenters are as follows:

“Communicating Value through Strategic Alignment”
Melanie Browne, Maple Leaf Foods, ThinkFOOD! Information Café

“Librarians and Libraries Increase Profitability: It’s What You Do that Counts!”
Margaret Carroll, University of North Texas

“Aiding Undergraduate Students in the Understanding of the Scientific Research Process: Chemistry Faculty-Science Librarian Collaboration”
Lutishoor Salisbury and Gwen Mattice, University of Arkansas

“Facilitating Knowledge Sharing via an In-house, Online Scholarly Publication”
Mary Whittaker, The Boeing Company

"Managing the Vulnerability of Value: A Risk Management Model for Evaluating and Implementing Digital Preservation Strategies”
Michael Bellacosa, Bellacosa Risk Solutions

“Curated Industry News Delivery: A Marketing Approach”
Betty Edwards, Charles Stark Draper Laboratory

“Website of the Future: Leveraging Microsoft SharePoint to Create a Dynamic, Customer-Facing Library Website”
Julie Hillskemper and Danielle Pollock, Sandia National Laboratories Technical Library

“Considerations on Cloud Computing in Libraries”
Matt Goldner and Andrew Pace, OCLC

“Leading Future-Focused Scenario Planning Efforts in Knowledge Organizations”
P.J. Neal, Toffler Associates

“Metamorphosis of the Information Professional”
Valerie Ryder, Wolper Subscription Services

“Faculty/Librarian Collaboration: Catalyst for Student Learning!”
Valerie Tucci, The College of New Jersey

The sessions will be held on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (June 13-15) from 10 – 11:30 a.m. The online planner and final program will list the locations.

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