Copyright Education That Invites Participation and Cooperation

From guest blogger Lesley Ellen Harris, copyright lawyer and Certificate in Copyright Management instructor:

You know you need to spread the copyright message with your colleagues but keeping the copyright message relevant to the day-to-day activities of your organization is challenging. Equally challenging is communicating your message. The key is to present the message in a manner that invites participation and cooperation. Here are some suggested copyright education opportunities.

Copyright Education Ideas

  • Develop a scavenger hunt on copyright. Have it incorporate several scenarios that are likely to occur in your organization. Ask staff to identify as many copyright issues as they can. Provide a number of sources of information staff can use to answer the questions (e.g., your country’s copyright office, WIPO, organizational policies).
  • Ask people in your organization to write and produce short (3 minute) vignettes on the use of copyright-protected materials. Getting others involved in copyright education will make them more interested in it. Make it fun; have them record the videos on their smart phones.

Find more copyright education ideas at

Learn more about spreading the copyright word in your organization by attending CCM700 Teaching Others About Copyright and Licensing. This one-day course will be offered in San Diego at the SLA 2013 Annual Conference on Friday, June 7.

For more information about CCM700 or the Certificate in Copyright Management program, contact Click University.  Follow Lesley on Twitter.

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