Deepen Your Knowledge of Copyright and KM in San Diego

SLA is offering courses from both its Copyright and Knowledge Management/Knowledge Services certificate programs in San Diego in June. It’s a perfect opportunity to get hands-on, in-depth education on topics of utmost importance to modern organizations.

CCM700 Teaching Others About Copyright and Licensing (Friday, June 7; $395/$495) covers the critical aspects of instituting enterprise-wide copyright education, including developing a copyright policy and explaining difficult legal concepts in plain language. Instructor: Lesley Ellen Harris of

CCM600 Copyright Compliance and Management (Saturday, June 8; $395/$495) provides pointers for avoiding copyright infringement lawsuits, negotiating and working with license agreements, and dealing with unlocatable copyright owners. Instructor: Lesley Ellen Harris of

KMKS102 The Knowledge Audit: Evaluating Intellectual Capital Use (Friday, June 7; $495/$595) is an exploration of using the needs analysis and information audit data to evaluate an organization’s knowledge assets. Instructors: Dale Stanley, Gilead Sciences; Robin Jourdan, Ford Motor Company; Guy St. Clair, Columbia University

KMKS101 Fundamentals of Knowledge Management and Knowledge Services (Saturday, June 8; $495/$595) links KM theory with knowledge services, which encourages informed decision-making, accelerated innovation, and leadership support for efforts related to maximizing KM/KS efforts. Instructors: Guy St. Clair, Columbia University; Dale Stanley, Gilead Sciences

Each course takes place over a full day, which allows for meaningful discussion, learning exercises, and networking.  These courses are part of Click University’s certificate programs, but may be taken à la carte.

Contact Click University for more information.

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One response to “Deepen Your Knowledge of Copyright and KM in San Diego”

  1. Lesley says:

    The 2 copyright courses are part of the Certificate in Copyright Management. For some, these in-person courses will be their first courses in the Certificate program; for others, their last two courses. These in-person courses emphasize collaboration in solving everyday copyright issues and the exercises in the courses will illustrate this. As well, there is a networking dinner opportunity for those who are interested.

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